Hiwa Omer Ahmad


College of Pharmacy

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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  • Hiwa O. Ahmd has completed his PhD in 2015 in physical Organic Chemistry in the University of Cardiff/ UK. He is a Lecturer in College of Pharmacy/ Hawler Medical University. The research has been focused on Drug synthesis, mechanism of hydrolysis and racemisation of drug, computational study of reactions and Structure activity relationship of drug-like molecules.

  • Hiwa is currently working on Drug synthesis, Hydrolysis, and racemisation mechanism of drugs, and Drug-receptors binding and SAR of Drugs.

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  • 1- Quantitative Prediction of Rate Constants for Aqueous Racemization To Avoid Pointless Stereoselective Syntheses

    A Ballard, HO Ahmad, S Narduolo, L Rosa, N Chand, DA Cosgrove, ...
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition
    2- Equilibrium Adsorption of Antibiotics at Solid Liquid Interface
    Hiwa O. Ahmed & Kafia M. Shareef
    Zanco Journal of Medical Sciences
  • September 2015 PhD Physical Organic chemistry, Cardiff University/ UK

    Thesis:Kinetics and mechanism of racemisation reactions of configurationally labile stereogenic centres in drug-like molecules in aqueous solutions; thiohydantoins and related compounds.

    MSc Physical Chemistry -Hawler Medical University,Erbil, Kurdistan Iraq

    Thesis: Kinetics and thermodynamics study for adsorption of antibiotics from aqueous solutions.

    2005 BSC (Chemistry) Salahaddin University, Erbil, Kurdistan Iraq

  • Teaching:

    1.Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry.
    2- Advanced Organic Chemistry ( Post-graduate )




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