University Council

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The University Council is the highest authority of the university. The council holds regular meetings to discuss the general strategy and plans of the university, make decisions on issues that are at authority of the Council and make suggestions to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.


Prof. Dr. Nooraddin Ismail Alla Werdi University President Head of Council
Assist. Prof. Dr. Hawri Mustafa Bakr Vice President for Admin and Financial Affairs Member
Prof. Dr. Nazar Pauls Shabila Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies Member
Dr. Karwan Mohammed M-Amen Vice President for Students Affairs Member
Prof. Dr. Ali Abdulrazzak Al-Dabbagh Dean of the College of Medicine Member
Prof. Dr. Dara Hamarashid Saeed Dean of the College of Dentistry Member
Assist. Prof. Dr. Aladdin Muhammad Naqishbandi  Dean of the College of Pharmacy Member
Assist. Prof. Dr. Yousif Mohammed Gardi Dean of the College of Nursing Member
Prof. Dr. Hamdia Mirkhan Ahmed Dean of the College of Health Sciences Member
Prof. Dr. Yasin Kareem Amin Director General of Medical Research Center Member