• How to Identify Fake Journals

    How to Identify Fake Journals

    2nd  workshop about How to Identify Fake Journals by Dr. Norhan Zaki and Dara Al-Banna

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  • IT, Website, Profile, and Moodle Online Learning System I

    IT, Website, Profile, and Moodle Online Learning System I

    1st workshop of Information System and Statistic Division about IT, Website, Profile, and Moodle Online Learning System I by Dara Al-Banna.

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  • Improving Teachers Skill in Teaching and Learning

    Improving Teachers Skill in Teaching and Learning

    To Improving Teachers Skill in Teaching and Learning by Dr. Hiro Khoshnaw.

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  • How to Review Manuscripts for Scientific Journals

    How to Review Manuscripts for Scientific Journals

    To improve skills of faculty in reviewing articles for scientific journals a workshop conducted in College of Nursing.

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Dean Welcome

Dear Friends and Colleagues :
It is an honor to write to you as the College of  Nursing Dean at Hawler Medical University. I look forward to working with our entire community - faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends. Together we can assure the continued excellence and strength of the college. Doing so will mean choosing our priorities carefully. more...

College of Nursing - Home


The mission of the College of Nursing is to provide quality innovative, education programs to a diverse student body, to participate in research and scholarly activities, and to provide service to the University, the profession, and the public. The College accomplishes this by providing a caring, engaging environment for the empowerment of student learning potential, the professional development of faculty, and the promotion of the nursing profession.



  • 1. Cultivate a caring and engaging environment to facilitate teaching, learning, scholarship, and service.
  • 2. Deliver innovative quality nursing programs that meet the needs of a diverse student body and other communities of interest.
  • 3. Promote the discovery, communication, and preservation of knowledge through scholarly activities and leadership.
  • 4. Provide service to the University, the profession, and the public.
  • 5. Develop community partnerships to promote nursing and the enhancement of the health care delivery system.


Strategic Plan

  • 1 - The College established to provide High, well trained, successful and encourage students to build success plan for the future of this area (country); Due to National needs through innovative and dynamic education programs. The challenge is to maintain high academic standers while utilizing technology to provide the health care to excellent patient care.
  • 2 - Provide Health Centers by well trained Nurses to build excellent Patient care.
  • 3 - Getting well trained high Diploma holders in different specialty in nursing education.
  • 4 - To graduate students develop leadership skills to role administration Health Centers.
  • 5 - The Baccalaureate curriculum strengthened by interdisciplinary experiences.


Philosophy of the College

The philosophy of college of nursing is consistent with the Hawler Medical University and with the goals of Kurdistan Government. The college philosophy focuses on the nature of the person, environment, health, and the professional of nursing and the process of education.

Faculty believes that the "person" is a unique and continuously evolving being of dignity and growth. The person's behaviors reflect the interaction between personal and environmental influences. Each person has the right to participate in making decisions which affect health and to accept or refuse health care within the context of safety to society.

The Faculty view "environment" as all external influences affecting the life and development of the person. The health of individuals, families and communities is affected by these influences.

"Health" is viewed as a dynamic state arising from continuous change in the person and environment. Nursing is the diagnosis and treatment of actual or potential health problems.

Nursing involves supportive and therapeutic interventions based on theoretical and scientific knowledge. The goal of nursing is to promote health throughout life span, prevent illness, restore & or maintain with dignity essential life functions altered by illness. As health care professionals, nurses exert leadership to achieve a viable system of health care delivery independently and in collaboration with others, assess, plans, implements and evaluate nursing care. Nursing is a synthesis of art and science. The art of nursing requires that the practitioner apply knowledge gained from the humanities, arts and sciences to understand human needs.

Education for professional nursing practice includes a sound theoretical knowledge base to support experiential learning. The intent of the educational programmes is to focus on the learner.


How to Join

Criteria for Selection of Student in College of Nursing

  • The candidate should be graduated from the secondary school (scientific section)
  • Average of student secondary student should not be less than %65.
  • The registration should be centrally through the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research.
  • The first candidate also selected from higher secondary of Nursing in Ministry of Health.
  • The first candidate also selected from the graduate of Medical & Technical Institution.

College of Nursing

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