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Haval Abdulkhalik

MSc Biomolecular

Director of Directorate of Health and Safety                           

Telephone: 00964-66-2273384

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook: Tendurusti Salamati

Directorate of Health and Safety at Hawler Medical University works with all its colleges, research center, and dormitory as well as in cooperation with Ministry of Higher education and scientific research to ensure that all environmental health and safety hazards are appropriately addressed. Through training and consultation with campus personnel and local officials, the department commits itself to the safety of the university campus and the surrounding Boulder community.

The director is responsible for the leadership and development of Environmental Health and Safety, Emergency Management, and Risk Management; for developing, implementing, managing, and continuously improving practices, policies, and programs that enhance the environmental health and safety of our faculty, staff, students, and public; mitigate risks, and meet changing regulatory demands; for the coordination of all risk management activities and supervision of the various campus insurance programs, including worker's compensation, to assure proper and adequate protection for the Regents, a reduction of losses, and adherence to established standards, policies, and legal requirements.

Reporting to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Design & Facilities, the director serves as a member of the Administrative Services management team, responsibilities will be carried out in collaboration with, vice chancellors, University Office of the President, associate vice chancellors, and deans, as appropriate.

Directorate of Health and Safety- Hawler Medical University promotes a safe and healthy environment for all members of our university

We will accomplish our mission by:

Supporting involvement of all colleges, research center, and dormitory, staff and students in the success of our health and safety program

Promoting health and safety as a part of every classroom, laboratory and work site in order to enhance knowledge of safe and healthy practices.

Providing the means by which each University community member can take charge of his/her own personal health.

Providing accessibility and advice on health and safety regulations, procedures and standards and helping ensure continued compliance.

Setting a good example by practicing and promoting safe behaviors.


Activities of the Directorate of Health and Safety

 Lecture on the health effects of radiation

Meeting with the University President

Environment Day - College of Nursing

Environment Day - College of Medicine

Fire extinguishing course

Environment Day

1st day Chemical, biological and radiological security conference

2nd day Chemical, biological and radiological security conference

Health and Safety Seminar

College of Pharmacy Fesitval

Meeting of the Health and Safety departments of Kurdistan universities

Visit to the Medical Research Center

Visit to students' dormitary

Health and Safety Meeting

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