COVID-19 Related Publications

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COVID-19 Related Publications from Hawler Medical University Staff




Clinical and hematological characteristics of 300 COVID-19 patients in Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Rundk Hwaiz, Sahar Abdullah, Salah Balaky, Katan Ali, Mohammed Merza, Shakhawan Khailani, Nazar Shabila  International Journal of Immunology and Pharmacology

Expression analysis of IFNAR1 and TYK2 transcripts in COVID-19 patients

 Bashdar Mahmud Hussen  Cytokine

Genome sequence analysis of SARS-COV-2 isolated from a COVID-19 patient in Erbil, Iraq

 Bashdar Mahmud Hussen   Applied Nanoscience

Exploring the perspectives of medical students on application of e-learning in medical education during the COVID-19 pandemic

 Nazar P ShabilaNazdar E. AlkhateebAli S. DauodAli Dabbagh  WORK

A novel hypothesis for COVID-19 pathogenesis: Retinol depletion and retinoid signaling disorder

 Shokhan Mahmud  Cellular Signalling

Stress and anxiety among physicians during the COVID-19 outbreak in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region: An online survey

Banaz A. Saeed, Nazar P. Shabila


Exploring perspectives on COVID-19 risk, protective behavior and control measures

Karwan M M-Amen, Kazhan I Mahmood, Sherzad A Shabu, Nazar P Shabila  Journal of Risk Research

Fear of COVID-19 as a precautionary measure to prevent the epidemic among the population of the Kurdistan Region/Iraq: based on a questionnaire survey

Kareem F Aziz, Bashdar M Hussen Journal of Public Health

Evaluation of hepatic enzymes activities in COVID-19 patients.

Rundk Hwaiz, Mohammed Merza, Badraldin Hamad, Shirin HamaSalih International Immunopharmacology

Analysis of cytokines in SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19 patients in Erbil city, Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Mohammed Y. Merza, Rundk A. Hwaiz, Badraldin K. Hamad  PLoS One

Risk Perception and Behavioral Response to COVID-19: A Survey of University Students and Staff in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region

Sherzad A Shabu, Karwan M-Amin, Kazhan I Mahmood, Nazar P Shabila Soc Work Public Health
Investigation of angucycline compounds as potential drug candidates against SARS Cov-2 main protease using docking and molecular dynamic approaches  Hazem A Al-Bustany  Molecular Diversity
The Impact of COVID-19 Related Lockdown on the Prevalence of Spousal Violence Against Women in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Kazhan I Mahmood, Sherzad A Shabu, Karwan M M-Amen, Salar S Hussain, Diana A Kako, Nazar P Shabila   Journal of Interpersonal Violence
Rapid Assessment of the Potential Paucity and Price Increases for Suggested Medicines and Protection Equipment for COVID-19 Across Developing Countries With a Particular Focus on Africa and the Implications  Amanj Kurdi  Frontiers in Pharmacology
Utilisation, Availability and Price Changes of Medicines and Protection Equipment for COVID-19 Among Selected Regions in India: Findings and Implications   Amanj Kurdi  Frontiers in Pharmacology
 Rapid Assessment of Price Instability and Paucity of Medicines and Protection for COVID-19 Across Asia: Findings and Public Health Implications for the Future  Amanj Kurdi  Frontiers in Public Health
 A comprehensive review of histopathological findings of infections induced by COVID-19 Salah TJ Balaky, Sahar MZ Abdullah  Cellular and Molecular Biology
 A systematic review and meta-analysis of the use of renin-angiotensin system drugs and COVID-19 clinical outcomes: What is the evidence so far?  Amanj Kurdi  Pharmacology Research and Perspectives
 Response to the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic Across Africa: Successes, Challenges, and Implications for the Future  Amanj Kurdi  Frontiers in Pharmacology
 Interleukin-6 role in the severity of COVID-19 and intensive care unit stay length  Ruqaya MGT Al Barzin, Shler G Raheem, Pinar K Khudhur  Cellular and Molecular Biology

Phenomenon of depression and anxiety related to precautions for prevention among population during the outbreak of COVID-19 in Kurdistan Region of Iraq: based on questionnaire survey

Kareem F Aziz Zeitschrift: Journal of Public Health

Re-tasking the use of pre-existing medications and potential therapeutic options for coronavirus disease (COVID-19): systematic review of clinical studies.

Kawa Dizaye Drug Discovery and Therapeutics
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