Continuous Professional Developments Training Course
College of dentistry organized a comprehensive advanced Continuous Professional Developments Training Course for teaching staff to improve digitalization of educational method by using the Moodle system. Dr. Nabeel S, Martani and Aso Yasin were selected to run this course due to their knowledge... More detail
Training Course on How to Publish in Journals with High...
Training Course on How to Publish in Journals with High Impact Factor   College of dentistry in Hawler medical University organized a series of the training course on how to publish in journals with the high impact factor in seminar hall from 27th of March 2018 to 19th of April 2018 for seventy... More detail
First National Students Scientific conference
First National Students Scientific conference was conducted by the college of dentistry at Hawler Medical University for undergraduate and alumni with the aim of encouraging students to present researches case presentation and alumni communication. The conferences had been conducted by the college... More detail
Assistant Professor Dr. Dara Hama Rasheed, dean of dentistry college at Hawler Medical University, held a meeting with the head of all departments and head of quality assurance unit to facilitate the cooperation and availability of data required for improving our university ranking related to the... More detail
Student's Feedback 2017-2018
Student's Feedback 2017-2018 More detail
Let's Bring Life To Our College
(Let's Bring Life To Our College - 2018) A group of students from 3rd stage - Hawler Medical University  / College of Dentistry had decided to make a difficult change to part of the building of their college and repair their second home And they've succeeded with a very short time.. The start... More detail
Visiting college clinics
Today first of march Assistant Professor Dr. Dara Hama Rasheed and Assistant Professor  Dr.Omer Chaweshli (Dean & Vice Dean) vists the clinics of dental college to follow and monitor the quality of dental services provided by students for patients as part of community services offered by... More detail
Graduation Ceremony 2016-2017
Congratulation for the dear students of the Fifth year More detail
The College of Dentistry / HMU Decided To Start These Events
With the accession of lovely Nawroz festivals , the college of dentistry / HMU decided to start these events with some social activities More detail

The College of Dentistry of Hawler Medical University was founded in 1995 at the University of Salahaddin-Erbil. Then, it has become under the management of Hawler Medical University when the university was established in 2005. The College receives up to 70 students each year.

The study in the college is 5 years and the students get a B.D.S (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) degree. The college also provides opportunity of postgraduate studies including MSc and PhD degrees in different specialties of dentistry.

The college has 7 scientific departments. The college has good relation with the community as it provides best available treatment to patients attending the teaching clinics. The teaching clinics at the college offer all types of treatment to people by the 4th and 5th study year students as well as the MSc and PhD candidates under the supervision of the university teaching staff.

College of Dentistry

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