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Hawler College of Medicine has been established in 1977. The period of study in the college is six years; upon completion of study students will be awarded degree of Bachelor in Medicine and General Surgery (M.B,Ch.B).

The mission of the college is to educate medical students as well as graduate students with proper knowledge and skills in accordance with professional standards; also to create a rich and supportive environment in which all students can attain their educational goals. The college prepares clinicians to practice medicine and provide good quality health care services at the national level. The aim of the college curriculum is to produce graduates who can improve health through patient care, research and education.



· Teach and promote medical science knowledge and skills leading to recognized graduate and postgraduate degrees.

· Provide high quality health care services in Erbil teaching hospitals and specialized health care and research centers.

· Provide skilled manpower in different medical fields.

· Conduct research work on the diseases prevalent in the country.

· Conduct continuing education programs.


Educational Objectives

The College of Medicine will ensure that all graduating students demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the faculty, the following medical knowledge:

  • An understanding of the normal structure and physiology of the human body at the whole body, organ, tissue, cells and molecular level.
  • An understanding of the biochemical basis of cellular function.
  • An understanding of abnormal structure and function of organs and tissues.
  • An understanding of basic epidemiological principles and use of statistics in describing illness within a sample or population.
  • An understanding of the health challenges among the community and the method of promoting health, as well as prevention and control of illness.
  • An understanding of the human psychological development.
  • An understanding of the multiple causes of disease (e.g. genetic, developmental, toxic-metabolic, infectious, autoimmune, degenerative, neoplastic, traumatic and behavioral causes).
  • Knowledge of the clinical, laboratory and diagnostic images used to create an appropriate differential diagnosis of diseases.
  • Knowledge of the main pharmacological, surgical and psychological treatments of common physical and mental disorders.

The College of Medicine will ensure that all graduating students demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the faculty, the following medical skills:

  • The ability to obtain an accurate medical history
  • The ability to perform both complete and focused clinical examination in a manner that demonstrates respect to patient and maintain patient confidentiality.
  • An understanding of the clinical method in which information obtained from history, physical examination and laboratory data is formulated into a differential diagnosis of the disease.
  • Demonstrate effective and compassionate interpersonal communication and present information and ideas in an organized way to educate and inform patients, families, colleagues and community.

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