Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

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Nutrition and Dietetics Department

Assist. Prof. Dr. Rundk Ahmad Hwaiz

 Head of Department



Department of Nutrition and Dietetics works to supply the public and private sectors in the local and regional areas with competencies specialized in nutrition and food sciences by providing an educational and research environment committed to quality standards, creativity, and innovation in acquiring knowledge and skills. The department also works to provide research and consultations, critical-thinking, communication and professional practice to contribute to the development of food therapy and healthy nutrition in the community.



The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics intends to be a leading and accredited center to provide education, research, and consulting services in the field of clinical nutrition, food sciences, nutrition and dietetics.


Job description

A Dietitian or Clinical Nutritionist, creates nutrition plans to improve the health and physical conditions of patients. Their main duties include analyzing patients' health status, goals and dietary restrictions, tracking clients' dietary intake and progress and educating patients on how to maintain a balanced diet.


Dietitian Responsibilities:

Speaking to patients to learn about their health goals and dietary needs, preferences, and restrictions.

  • Helping client in both condition under health or diseases.
  • Helping the patients with chronic disease like diabetes, hypertension, kidney diseases and some genetic disorder in their food and choosing healthy appropriate diet.
  • Evaluates clients’ needs to identify their dietary requirements and restrictions.
  • Their duties include creating meal plans, training the public, and establishing goals.
  • They should be analytical, caring, and knowledgeable with good communication, active listening, problem-solving, and computer skills. They should also be passionate public speakers who can get others excited about eating healthy foods.
  • Compiling information and tracking client progress towards their health goals.
  • Speaking to groups to promote healthy eating habits and proper nutrition.
  • Identify the food and drug interactions.



  • Pioneering in graduating qualified nutritionists and dietitians who are able to contribute effectively in community services in the field of nutrition and dietetics. Contribute with research to improve healthy nutrition habits.
  • Provide consultation in the field of nutrition, food and therapeutic nutrition as a qualified and experienced center in Iraqi Kurdistan Region.
  • Working to develop foods and nutrients to provide proper nutrition to healthy people and patients with different diseases in hospitals and other health facilities.
  • Spreading a healthy culture in the field of food and nutrition in collaboration with the concerned entities and departments.
  • Providing teaching, research, and training infrastructure and facilities in the field of nutrition and food sciences


Typical employers

Career prospects in the field of nutrition and dietetics include

Dietitian in Primary health care centers, private and public hospitals

Sports Nutritionist

Product Representative

Food Safety Dietitian/ Quality Control

Culinary Dietitian

Community/Public Health Nutritionist

Nutrition Educator: Schools, Universities, Military Food

Industry - food and drink, and pharmaceuticals

Research Coordinator