Department of Phrmaceutics

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Assist. Prof. Dr. Hunar Kamal Omar Hamza

Head of Pharmaceutics Department

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On behalf of the teaching staffs of the department of pharmaceutics, I welcome the visitors to our department's website. When the college of pharmacy was first built, the department of pharmaceutics was founded. It is one of the most integral and active departments among other departments of College of Pharmacy at the Hawler Medical University. Department of pharmaceutics has been home to a strong scientific community and academic personnel. The department has contributed significantly to pharmacy research and teaching. The academic staffs have contributed significantly to the pharmacy profession.

When the department was first founded, it began by creating medicinal formulations in little labs. By inundating recent college graduates with the sciences related to formulation, evaluation, and developing pharmaceutical preparations, the developed knowledge's that department submits today are helping to complete scientific and practical information.

The department's study areas include formulation of various drug dosages for tablets, injections, suspensions, solutions, and other forms of medication; approaches to drug targeting and delivery systems; biotechnology; use of polymers in various pharmaceutical fields; and bioavailability and bioequivalency. Industrial pharmacy, pharmaceutical technology, physical pharmacy, pharmacy and biopharmacy, and postgraduate studies are among the scientific laboratories included in the department. The department's postgraduate graduates get certificates from the college in the following areas: higher diplomas, master's degrees, and doctoral degrees in pharmaceutics.


The department works hard to maintain its status as a pioneer and a leader in producing formulation and effective pharmacists for use in industry, Quality control, research facilities, and other healthcare settings.


To produce top-tier pharmacy graduates equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle the country's pharmaceutical issues and patient care demands. The Department of Pharmaceutics goal is to instruct and guide students in:


  1. Become outstanding pharmacists with expertise in drug development and pharmaceutical compounding.
  2. Obtain the practical knowledge required for pharmaceutical product manufacturing on a small or medium scale in the lab.
  3. Make a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the field of pharmaceutical research.


  1. To guarantee that students will understand and be able to articulate the value of research in enhancing pharmaceutical treatment and creating enduring lifelong learning habits by the time they graduate.
  2. To develop cooperative relationships with other pharmacy schools in order to further shared academic and research objectives.


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