Vision of MRC

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Our vision is to establish a network among the government, the public and the non-governmental organizations (NGO) and act as a bridge between the public and policymakers. We wish to conduct high quality research, on par with international standards, to improve health practices in our region and help resolve and prevent current health problems existing in our society. 


Our future vision also includes:

*To industrialiser the university and our research.

*To support the independence of the university and obtaining a special budget for research studies in our center, as this is a cornerstone for the development of an advanced society.

*To improve and invent novel research techniques, devices, and drugs to improve lifestyle and decrease the clinical, psychological, and financial health burden. Special plans have been designed to achieve this goal.

*To sub-specialize in every aspect of medical and health science to reach the ambitions of our society.

*We hope to recruit many other scientists in different disciplines and specialties. For example, we aim to recruit: two statisticians, two English language experts, 20 research nurses, ten post-doc PhD and 20 MSc researchers.

*To provide the best research tools in our university to attract and encourage PhD, MSc and high diploma students from Hawler Medical University to undertake their research in our center.

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