Epidemiology and Environmental Health Department

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Epidemiology and Environmental Health Department


The Epidemiology and Environmental Health Department conduct original research studies, including research on potential exposures to natural environmental hazards and biological, chemical and radiation hazards due to many years of intra- and inter- war conflicts in South Kurdistan.

This department also collects and maintains databases on varying diseases that exist in our society. This ranges from data on natural and artificial environmental pollutants and their consequent health problems in humans, to heritable diseases or those linked to life-style choices. wide range of epidemiological methods are utilized, with different populations, ages, and genders to study different health problems, such as cardio respiratory, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Our study samples vary from small groups of participants, whom are intensively studied, to large cohort studies involving large number of participants and routinely collected data. We collaborate with other Middle Eastern and European institutes.

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