Sirwan Kamil Ali


College of Medicine

Department of Psychiatry

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  • Dr Sirwan K. Ali, Professor and consultant psychiatrist, Head of psychiatric department, college of Medicine, HMU.

    Directer of Erbil center for post graduate studies in Psychiatry (Arab, Iraqi, and Kurdistan Board for psychiatric specialities)

    WHO advisor for substance abuse control programms

    Head of psychiatric Appeal committee in Kurdistan region/ Iraq

    • Anxiety among infertile women
    • Alcohol use among college students
    • Depression among patients attending physiotherapy clinics in Erbil City
    • The effect of treating generalized anxiety disorder on psychoactive substance abuse and dependency in Erbil city
    • Effects of Olanzapine and Haloperidol on serum Malondahyde, prolactin level, blood glucose and lipid profile in schizophrenic patients
    • Assessment of anxiety level among nurses at teaching hospital in Erbil City
    • Job satisfaction among group of Nurses in General hospitals in Erbil/ Iraq
    • Prevalence of depression among infertile women undergoing in vitro fertilization in Erbil City
    • Psychology and Personality Types of Infertile and Fertile Women
    • Faculty Development Program in Hawler
    • Medical University, Iraq: A Qualitative
    • Assessment from Participants’ Perspectives
    • Quality of life of parents with autistic children in Erbil city / Iraq
    • Toxoplasma gondii infection in patients with schizophrenia
    • Assessment of Social Phobia among Students of Nursing College in Hawler Medical University at Erbil City-Iraq
    • Substance abuse among inmates of prison in Erbil city/ Iraq
    • Domestic violence among Kurdish women in Kurdistan region
    • Coping mechanism among Kurdish women faces domestic violence
    • Self-esteem among Kurdish women faced domestic violence
  • Prevalence of of depression among patients with multiple sclerosis in Erbil city

    (Kurdistan board for medical speciality, 2018-2019)

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  • M.B.Ch.B

    Diploma in edidence based medicine

    Board of psychiatry

  • Directer of Erbil Psychiatric training center

    Head of medical conferences (1, 2, 3 College of medicine, HMU)

    Head of Neuroscience conference in Erbil Rotana 2017

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