Kazhal Hassan Hama Rahim

College of Nursing

Department of Nursing

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Kazhal Hassan has B.sc. in Biology from a College of Science, High Diploma in Salahadin university.She worked as a teacher for 23 years in different schools (Koya, Erbil ) , she worked as leadership in British council from(2007-2010), Now she works as a head of biologist in Hawler Medical University department of nursing .  

  • Laboratory study  of the life cycle of fresh water copepoda Mesocyclops edax (Forbes,1891)
  • A study of Naupliar stage of Mesocycops edax (Forbes, 1891)
  • Assessment of antibiotics Misuse in Erbil City.
  • The influnce of Rhesus Blood Group (RhD) on toxoplasmosis of pregnant women in Erbil city.

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  • Assessment of antibiotics Misuse in Erbil City, Journal of Kufa
  • The influnce of Rhesus Blood Group ( RhD ) on toxoplasmosis of pregnant womenin Erbil city. accepted to publishin Erbil Journal of Nursing and Midwifery.

BSc Biology, College of Science, University of Salahaddin, 1986

High Diploma Microbiology,  University of Salahaddin, 2010

  • Wrote HMU Laboratory Safety Manual for use in all university laboraties - 2013
  • Fire Safety Coordinator in University Buildings, AJG Ingenieure GmbH, 2013 - four day training on fire safety equipment, evacuation plans, chemical/physical basics of fire and behavior of building materials under fire
  • Advanced Trauma Life Support and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, Hawler Medical University, 2014
  • Connecting Classrooms Capacity Building, British Council Bahrain, 2008 -  represented Erbil in a group that included more than 1,000 schools, recognized for active participation and achievements
  • Health and Safety at Work, European Technology and Training Center, 2014
  • Science Training, Koya, 2000 - received top grade of 98%

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