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Kareem Fattah Aziz has MSc degree in Community Health Nursing in College of Nursing, University of Mosul in 2002 and PhD degree in Community Health Nursing in College of Nursing in Hawler Medical University in 2009. He has many publications in national and international journals. He has trends in conducting research in subjects like immunization, family planning, breast feeding, dietary system, water sanitation, emvironment sanitation, mobile health risks and assessing educational role of nurses leaders in public education and capacity building for nursing staff in hospitals and Primary health care centers.

Dr.Kareem has more than 20 publications in national and international journals related to health promotion, disease prevention, capacity building for nursing staff in hospitals and solving health problems in Kurdistan and health education for the public.

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Dr. Kareem has supervised three MSc students in community nursing included:

1-Ayad Abdulla Rashid the title is(Health status of children under five years old in Syrian refugee camps in Erbil city) 2017 

2-Muhamad Hasan Awla the title (knowledge and attitudes of Nergela smoking attendee in Caffe in Erbil city) 2016.

3-Shayma Samir Masud title(Self-management of pregnant women regarding minor discomforts in primary health care centers in Erbil city)2016

1-Job Satisfaction among nurses in Erbil City

 2-Nurse's role in smoking cessation among ischemic cardiac patients

3-Assessment of Barber's knowledge and practice knowledge regarding transmission of hepatitis B in Erbil city

4-Assessment student's knowledge of Medical Technical Institute regarding AIDS in Erbil

5-Assessment of female student's knowledge in Medical.Institute a bout BSE in Erbil city

6-Shift work problems among nurses in three hospitals in Erbil city)

7-knowledge and attitudes of teacher science regarding communicable diseases in some of secondary school in Erbil

8-Assessment of life style behavior among students in medical technical institute in Erbil

9-Knowledge and attitudes of pupils in some of primary schools regarding personal hygiene in Erbil city

10-Assessment role of the nurses in implementing health education for clients in primary health care centers in Erbil/

11-Evidence base practice among nurses in Erbil hospitals

12-Effectiveness of a first aid training workshop on knowledge of police men in Erbil City).

13-Knowledge and attitudes of nursing students toward nursing as a professional in medical technical institute in Erbil

14-assessment of Nurse's knowledge and roles of health education in primary health care centers regarding prevention from brucellosis in Erbil city 

15-(Impact of a health educational program on knowledge of female nursing staff and students regarding breast Cancer prevention and early detection in Erbil city)

16-Client's satisfaction toward immunization services in primary health care centers in Erbil

17-Healthy life style for clients attending to primary health centers in erbil city 

18-Old age satisfaction regrinding geriatric home services  in Erbil city

19-Self-management of pregnant women regarding minor discomforts in PHC Centers in Erbil city

20-Nurses practices regarding health and safety toward psychiatric patients in hawler psychiatric hospital

21- Relation of socio-economic status of parents and peers on cigarette smoking behavior of teenagers in Erbil


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Dr. Kareem Fattah  has so many activities as followings:

1-Teaching subjects as health promotion,community health nursing, fundamentals of nursing in the college .

2-teaching subgects in MSc degree as Community health, patient safety,evidance base practice, health education in the college.

3-member in scientific committee , quality assurance,high education examination committee, and coordinator of activities condicting out side of college .

4-Head of Kurdistan nurses association for 3 years.

5-member of mangy-Spy organization in kurdistan region.

6-conducting seminars for capacity building for nurses in hospitals and public health education regarding health promotion and disease prevention

7-publishing so many medical report in  local magazine as parestar magazine and news papers

8-preparing nursing documentation and job description for nurses by  cooperation  with ministry of health in kurdistan Region.

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