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College of Nursing

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Norhan Zeki Shaker has MSc degree in  Nursing science  from Baghdad University , Pediatric Nursing from Hawler Medical University .She Is Assistant Professor in pediatric nursing department of Nursing College at Hawler Medical university in Erbil ,Iraq. She teaches infant, children and Adolescents Health Nursing,growth and development, Nursing Reserch , Nursing Theories , Nursing philosophy ,and Evidence based practice to undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students .since 2001 ,in addition to supervisoing Master and PhD  students in pediatric nursing. 

she has more than 30 published researches in pediatric specialty and nursing education 

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1.     Supervision of Postgraduate Students

Name of student



Thesis title


Gulala Kareem Azeez

Pediatric - nursing


Intravenous Medication Administration Errors by nurses in Raparieen Pediatric teaching Hospital


Kurdistan Mirza Jmsheed

Maternity - nursing


Quality of immediate nursing care provided to newborns at delivery room of Maternity Teaching Hospital


Khalid Muhamed Shikha

Pediatric - nursing


Knowledge Attitude and Practices of Mothers toward Acute Respiratory Infection among Children at Raparin Pediatric Teaching Hospital in Erbil City


Ary Ahmad Taha

Pediatric - nursing


Effectiveness of Cartoon Distraction on Children’s Pain perception during Peripheral Venous Cannulation at Raparin Pediatric Teaching Hospital in Erbil City


Hazha Fadhil Huseen

Pediatric - nursing


The Effect of Preoperative Preparation Program on School Age Children's Anxiety in Erbil City


raveen Ismaeel Abdullah

 Pediatric - nursing  Master  Trauma and post - traumatic stress disorder among adolescents in Erbil city) 2018- 2019

Sinur Askandar Hamad

Pediatric - nursing  Master 

Impact Of Supportive Nursing Intervention

On Coping Strategies Among Caregivers

Of Children With Leukemia

At Nanakali Hospital

Mahmood Arif Mahmood

Pediatric - nursing    PhD

Efficiency of Planned Behavior Theory-Based Intervention on Children and their Parents to Promote Healthy Eating behavior in Rania City.

Kafia hashim Kareem   pediatric nursing     Impact of Empowerment Program on Premature Infant’s Parental Stress and Interaction in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit








Assessment of breastfeeding knowledge among mothers in Erbile city.

Zanko Journal of medical science

Zanco J. Med. Sci., (Special issue 2), 2010


Barriers towards Research among Faculty of Two Nursing Colleges in Kurdistan   Region, Iraq.

Z. Doozgy, B. Najib


Conference proceed ICRE .2012



Knowledge of ‘Pain Assessment and Management’ among Nurses Caring for Children In Erbil Hospitals.

Published in

Duhok medical Jou.vol. 6, suppl. 1. Dec. 2012

2012, medical Jou. vol. 6, suppl.

1. Dec. 2012

Knowledge Practices and Attitudes of mothers regarding Infant and Young Child feeding in Erbil City

Kofa Journal of nursing science

2012 , Vol 2, No 2

Assessment Primary School Teachers’ Knowledge regarding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children/
Erbil City

Zanko Journal Procceding

3rd international conference for medical sciences proceeding book

2012, proceeding book vol. 11, 2012-Erbil


Nursing students’ Perception about Academic Debate Subject in Hawler Medical University

ICERI2013 Proceedings

Pages: 66-70

2013 ,
ISBN: 978-84-616-3847-5
ISSN: 2340-1095

(author N Doozgy)

Perspective Of College Of Nursing Students, Hawler Medical University Regarding Objective Structured Clinical Examination Test

ICERI2013 Proceedings (2013):

Pages: 81-85

2013 , year: 2013
ISBN: 978-84-616-3847-5
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(author N Doozgy)

Impact of spastic cerebral palsy upon quality of life of children under the age of 12 years in Erbil City (parents’ reports)


Iraqi National journal of nursing specialty /Baghadad university

2015, 28 (1)


The Impact of baby friendly Hospital on Breast-feeding Indicators in Shaqlawa District in Erbil city - Kurdistan region – Iraq.

Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal

مجلة الشرق الاوسط

December 2015

2015, Vol 21 issue (12 ) 821-826.


Disease Patterns and outcomes of Neonatal Admissions at Raparin Pediatric Teaching Hospital in Erbil City


Iraqi National journal of nursing specialty /Baghadad university


2015 , Vol 28 Issue (2) 39-42.


Cross-National Comparisons of Teachers’ Knowledge and Misconceptions of ADHD

International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation © 2015 American Psychological Association 2016,

2016 ,Vol. 5, No. 1, 34–50 2157-3883/16/

Feedback on Teaching Evaluation for Master Students in College of Nursing -Erbil City

Zanko J Med. Sci.,

<%JNM, Vol. 1, No. (1), May, 2018

Quality of Immediate Nursing Care Provided to Newborn at Maternity Teaching Hospital in Erbil City

 Erbil Nurse midwive journal 

JNM, Vol. 1, No. (1), May, 2018


Prevalence of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Potentially Traumatic Events among Adolescents in Erbil City

Erbil j. nurs. midwifery, Vol. 2, No. (1), May, 2019 Original Article


Effectiveness of Distraction Therapy on Children’s Pain Perceptions During Peripheral Venous Cannulation at Pediatric Teaching Hospital in Erbil City


Erbil j. nurs. midwifery, Vol. 1, No. (2), Nov, 2018


International Health Sciences Conference (IHSC 2018), Nov. 2018


Knowledge of Shaken Baby Syndrome among Hospital Nurses in Erbil City


Erbil j. nurs. midwifery, Vol. 4 No. (1), May, 2021 Original Article

Coping Strategies among Caregivers of Children with Acute Leukemia at Nanakali Hospital in Erbil City


Erbil j. nurs. midwifery, Vol. 2, No. (2), Nov, 2019 Original Article in nursing science


Baghdad University



Master degree in  Nursing science


2002- 2004

Baghdad University Nursing College


Ph.D in Pediatric Nursing


Hawler Medical University Nursing College


Teaching : 

  1. pediatric nursing in undergraduate and postgraduate nursing college.
  2. supervising Msc. 9 Students and 2 PhD students
  1. head of scientific affairs and postgraduate unit of college 
  2. head of curriculum development committee.
  3. member of the central scientific promotion committee of Hawler medical university 
  4. member of the certificate equalization committee at the Ministry of higher education and Scientific Research

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