Dilkhosh Shamal Ramadhan

Assistant Lecturer

College of Nursing

Department of Nursing

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Dilkhosh Shamal Ramadhan has MSc degree in Community Health Nursing from University of Duhok. She is an assisstance lecturer of Nursing at Hawler Medical University , Erbil ,Iraq. She teaches Community Health . She has 4 publications in local and international scientific journals . Her current reasearch work is mainly related to commuunity title especially about COVID-19.

  1. Dietery Habits Among Medical Science Student in Duhok City.
  2. Public fear of COVID-19 Vaccines in Iraqi Kurdistan Region: Cross- sectional Study.
  3. COVID 19 Vaccines side effects among Iraqi people in Kurdistan Region : A Cross Sectional Study.
  4. COVID 19 vaccines Acceptance hesitancy and refusal among Iraqi Kurdush population.


  1. Dietery habits among Medical Science students in Duhok City.
  2. Public Fear of COVID 19 Vaccines in Iraqi Kurdistan Region : Cross Sectional Study.
  3. COVID 19 Vaccines side effects among iraqi People in Kurdistan Region : A Cross Sectiona Study.
  4. COVID 19 Vaccin acceptance Hesitancy and refusal among Iraqi Kurdish Population.

B.SC.Nursing \ College of Nursing \ Hawler Medical University Iraq 2010-2011

M.SC. Community health Nursing \ College of Nursing \ University of Duhok 2020.

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