Fattma Zrar Mohammed

Assistant Lecturer

College of Nursing

Department of Nursing

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Fattma Zrar Mohammed is presently working as Assistant Lecturer at College of Nursing/ Hawler Medical University, Previously worked in the same post title in the Department of Biology in College of Science, Salahaddin University. Erbil/Iraq. Worked for more than a decade in various UN (United Nation), International and NGOs Organization for Humanitarian Aids such IREX, UNOPS, WHO, UNAMI, ….etc in miscellaneous field in various posts, as Programme Manager, Project Coordinator, Executive Senior secretary, Interpreter/Translator……ect.     I have received Master Degree M.Sc in Biology, College of Science Biology, Have research/thesis in Environmental science and Pollution in 2015. Fattma Mohammed obtained her B. Sc in Biology, Microbiology in 1994; she worked since 1995 as a Teaching Assistant/Biologist in university. She has more than decades of long experience in Academic & teaching at University.  Fattma Mohammed is so much interested in all Biology Fields, Health Science, Microbiology, Bacteriology, Plant, Environmental Science & pollution, Limnology, algae, Archegoniate, Bio-indicators/bioremediation, Zoology, Ethno botanical plants/remedies, alternative medicine, Biochemistry, Organic & analytical Chemistry…ect.

Fattma Mohammed is a Certified Sworn Translator for English - Arabic - Kurdish Languages (Vice Versa) . Currently working on conducting research in different fields of Biology, Microbiology, Environment, Pollution …etc.