Chnar Salahaddin Salahaddin Qadir


College of Nursing

Department of Nursing

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Chnar S.Qadir  MSc degree in adult nursing  in college of Nursing at  Hawler Medical University . She is an assistant lecturer in college of nursing at Hawler Medical University, Erbil, Iraq. she teaches different subjects including Adult Nursing and Critical care fundamental of nursing and  Basic Life support. she has 4 publications.

Chnar S.Qadir has four article published in local journals in Iraq, she is current research work on patietns with chronic disease

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Assessment Practices of Nurses regarding taking arterial blood gases analysis in Critical Care Units in Erbil City

Nurses knowledge regarding Central Venous Catheters in Critical Care Units in Erbil city in Erbil City

Patient’s knowledge regarding Asthmatic Management in Hawler Tecahing Hospital in Erbil City

Nurses  knowledge regarding Blood Transfusion in Hawler Teaching Hospital in Erbil City

-Factors affecting treatment compliance among Hypertensive patients in Erbil city

-Adherence to treatment among Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Erbil City 

-Knowledge and practices of Safe Handing Chemotherapy among oncology of nurses in Nanakaly Hospital Erbil City

-Assessment self-care activity of Heart Failure patients in cardiac care units in Erbil City

  1. B.Sc. in College of Nursing at Hawler medical university, 2010-2011
  2. M.Sc. (Medical - Surgical Nursing) Hawler medical university 2015

Teaching: Adult Nursing