Kafia Hashim Karim


College of Nursing

Department of Nursing

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Kafia Hashim Karim has completed MSc nursing at Nursing college - Bharati Vedyapeeth Deemed University, Pune - India from 2010-2012.


She has done many researches and published only 6 of them 

I have done many researches some of them are published: 

1- Knowledge of Mothers Who Attending HaciQadir Antenatal Clinical Center Regarding Immunization

KKFDS Hassan, AKH Karim

kufa Journal for Nursing sciences 6 (2

2- A study to assess the maternal factors leading to low birth weight babies in selected hospitals of Pune-India

K Karim, M Shaila

Journal of Kufa for Nursing Science 3 (2)

3- Home Practices of Kurdish Mothers Regarding Management of Jaundice among Newborns in Erbil City

KH Karim

Education 36 (9), 6.9

4- Effectiveness of a health education programme on Sarsang primary school age regarding oral hygiene in Khanzad/Erbil city

KH Karim, SS Hasan, DA Al-Banna, MA Karim

Dentist 13 (43.3), 8-26.7

5- Assessment of anxiety Level among mothers of neonates admitted in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Raparin Hospi...

HM Ahmed

Journal Of Raparin University-Vol 3 (8), 27

6- Premature infant parents’ Need at Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Erbil City, Iraq: A descriptive cross-sectional Study 

- M.Sc. Nursing/College of Nursing / Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University India

research: A study to assess maternal factors leading to low birht weight babies in Pune city - India


Now I am a PhD student at HMU College of Nursing.


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