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  • Gulala Kareem Azeez has PhD degree in Pediatric Nursing from Hawler Medical University,Erbil, Iraq. She teaches different courses including Pediatric disease ,Growth and Development of child and lab procedure.



Research Interest:

Google Scholar

1.Evaluation of Nurses Practices Regarding Intravenous Medications Administration at Raparin Pediatric Teaching Hospital /Erbil city.Kufa Journal For Nursing Sciences.Vol. 7 No. 2 July through December 2017

2.Knowledge of Shaken Baby Syndrome among Hospital Nurses in Erbil City.Erbil j. 

3.Effect of Video Game on School Achievement in School Age Children in Erbil/City.nurs. midwifery.Erbil j. nurs. midwifery.Vol. 4 Issue 2 July through November 2021

4.The Effectiveness of Massaging, Swaddling, and Reflexology Intervention in Mothers’ Practices Regarding Infantile Colic.Journal of Medicinal and Chemical Sciences.

  1. Med. Chem. Sci., 2023, 6(10) 2273-2281



1.Hawler Technical Instituation:Erbil,Kurdistan,Irag (Medical Institution)(2001-2003)
2.Bachler dgree in college of Nursing/Hawler Medical University: Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq.(2005-2009)
3.MSc dgree in pedatric Nursing/Hawler Medical University: Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq.(2011-2014)
4.PhD dgree in pedatric Nursing/Hawler Medical University: Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq.(2019-2023)


Pedatric Nursing


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