Mohammed Yousif Merza

Assistant Professor

College of Pharmacy

Department of Clinical Analysis

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I am Dr. Mohammed Merza, a permanent faculty member of the College of Pharmacy/Hawler Medical University, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Head coordinator of the department of Clinical Analysis. I have a Ph.D. degree in Medical Physiology from Lund University Sweden 2015, MSc. Medical Sciences at Glasgow University-United kingdom. My post-doctorate was at Lund University from 2017 to 2019.

Lecturer at Tishk International University.

Lecture at Cihan Univerity.

Lecturer at Erbil International Univerity.

Lecturer at Gasha Private Institute.  

Editorial board member of Journal of Insight Biology.

Editorial board member of Journal of Pharmacology and Pathology.


Medical Physiology

1. Targeting protein prenylation for therapy 


2. The important of the signaling mechanism in disease.


3. Cell receptor signalling


4. Anti- and Proinflammatory activity


Supervising postgraduate student (Ph.D. )

Supervising undergraduate students in their research projects in Medical Sciences.

Citation 508 until 2022.

21 publications.

Post-doctorate at Lund University/Sweden 2017-2019.

Ph.D. degree Lund University, Sweden 2015.

MSc. University of Glasgow, Glasgow-UK 2006-2008.

Head Coordinator, Clinical Analysis Department, College of Pharmacy

Member of Ethics Committee at College of Pharmacy/Hawler Medical University.

Member of CPD committee College of Pharmacy/Hawler Medical University.

Member of Scientific Committee, College of Pharmacy/Hawler Medical University.

I have participated in many conferences and workshops as a Scientific committee, Reviewer, audience, and organizer. I am a reviewer at the British Journal Of Pharmacology and MDPI society. I am an editorial member in the Journal of insight Biology and Journal of Pharmacology and pathology. I have served on the editorial board of the Yemenian Medical journal from 2013 to 2015.

I have received a letter of appreciation from the President of Hawler Medical University for being in the top 20 in Google Scholar for the citation of my articles, in November 2019.