Ava Taher Ismael

Assistant Professor

College of Pharmacy

Department of Clinical Analysis

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I finished MBChB at College of Medicine- mousle university in 1988-1989. 1996 I finished MSc in pathology 1996. In 2011 i finished PhD in molecular pathology

Research interests 1. Colorectal cancer- genetic and immunohistochemical studies 2. Breast cancer genetics

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1. Undergraduate courses, college of pharmacy, 3rd and 5th grade,basic pathology and surgical pathology 2. Post graduate studies (MSc in clinical pharmacy) 3.Post graduate student in kurdistan board for Medical specialisties 4. Supervision on pathology board student

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1. Undergraduate courses, collegeof pharmacy, 3rd and 5th grade,basic pathology and surgical pathology 2. Post graduate studies (MSc in clinical pharmacy) 3.Post graduate student in kurdistan board for specialist 4. Supervision on pathology board student

I work in my private laboratory which was established in 2007 as aproffesional pathologist and cytopathologist.