Aryan Rzgar Ganjo

Assistant Professor

College of Pharmacy

Department of Clinical Analysis

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Dr.Aryan R.Ganjoa is a lecturer in Medical Microbiology at the Pharmacognosy Department, College of Pharmacy. Dr. Aryan holds several
expert positions in Hawler Medical University Erbil-Kurdistan region. She has many papers published in medical journals. Her research interests include detection of antibiotic-resistant pathogenic bacteria, the molecular finding of resistance genes. As part of her Ph.D. study in the College of Medicine of Hawler Medical University and Erasmus University, Rotterdam- Netherlands (2015) she focused on the mechanism of drug resistance in bacteria. She is Head of Pharmacognosy Department since 2017.

Her research interests include detection of antibiotic-resistant pathogenic bacteria, the molecular finding of resistant genes. As part of her Ph.D. study in the Medicine college-HMU/ Erasmus University, Rotterdam Netherlands, she focused on Mechanism of Drug-resistant in bacteria

1- Heshu Jala (MSc student Microbiology)

2-Sayran qadr

3-Sima Abdulsamei


1- BSc Biology 2003

2- MSc Microbiology 2006

3- PhD Medical Microbiology 2015

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