Adnan Burhan Qader


College of Pharmacy

Department of Phrmaceutics

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Lecturer 2021

Ph.D. "Pharmaceutics" (Industrial Pharmacy, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology)


April 2011 – February 2016

Assistant of Dean, College of Pharmacy - Hawler Medical University Erbil, IRAQ


November 2007- March 2011    

Assistant Lecturer in Pharmaceutics (director of Pharmaceutics branch for a period of 2 years)


March 2004 – Sep. 2007

Post-graduate student (MSc.) in Pharmaceutics


Sep. 2002 – March 2004           

Clinical Pharmacist at Hawler Teaching Hospitals, Erbil Health Directorate – Erbil- IRAQ

My research interests focus on the coating of pharmaceutical solid oral dosage form, and drug delivery system, using different coating materials form natural, semi synthetic and synthetic origin. Utilizing Fluidized bed dryer, granulator and coater.  My research interests involve micro and macro encapsulation process for different pharmaceutical active ingredients.

In addition to the above mentioned lines of research another interesting subject which I am favouring is the Nanotechnology, lipid based drug delivery system and other approaches for solving the problem of poorly soluble drugs,Like SNEDDS and Nanocrystals. 


Supervisor for 5th. year students reserach project " Review of Articles"

1- Self Nano Emulsyfying Drug Delivery System for Poorly Water Soluble Drugs.

2- Up to Date Review Articles on Probiotic Bacteria as Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms, " challenges and formulation techniques" . 

February 2016 - February 2020

Post- graduate (Ph.D) degree In Pharmaceutics.

Hawler Medical University (HMU) -, Erbil –IRAQ. In collaboration with college of Pharmacy – Department of pharmaceutics , Freie University Berlin, Berlin- Germany  (2019)

(Formulation, in-vitro and in-vivo evaluation of solid self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system by spray drying for oral bioavailability improvement of rosuvastatin calcium)

March 2004 – Sep. 2007

Post- graduate Master (MSc.) degree In Pharmaceutics.

Hawler Medical University (HMU) -, Erbil –IRAQ. In collaboration with college of Pharmacy – Department of Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Vienna, VIENNA- AUSTRIA  (21/3/2006 – 21/9/2006)

Development of Pharmaceutical formulation for Probiotic bacteria as   Pellets’ -- (Master research project)  MSc. supervisor: O. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Helmut Viernstein . (Awarded 2007)


Oct 1997 - June 2002               

Bachelor in Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

College of Pharmacy, Hawler Medical University, Erbil –IRAQ

General grade: Medium, ranked 10th: 20batch (Awarded 2002)


  • Deputy Head of Iraqi Kurdistan Pharmacists Syndicate 2012 till current.
  • Member of Iraqi Kurdistan Pharmacists Syndicate Since 2002.
  • High ability of effective communication and active listening to individuals with different backgrounds and needs including: patients through pharmacy practice, doctors and health centre. Group co-ordination and event organising experience. Analysing the feedback from clients, patients, and research data. Time and territory management
  • Pharmacy practice; receiving, checking prescriptions, dispensing medications and counselling patients and preparation of sterile pharmaceutical drugs.

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