Omar Fawzi Chawshli

Assistant Professor

College of Dentistry

Department of Pedodontics, Orthodontics and Preventive Dentistry (POP)

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Omar Fawzi Chawshli is an assitant professor holding PhD in orthodontics

at college of  dentistry-hawler Medical University

Superviced PhD and MSc students, Participated as speaker in many Conferances,participated in many national and international courses as participant and as supervisor and speaker.

One of the teaching astaff at POP departement

Field of intrest:Bracket bonding, Bone physiology, Biomechanics,TADs,Root Resorption

many researched done and supervised in these fields

Blind Husen MSc (Orthodontics)

Hozan Fareed MSc (Pedodontics)

Sirwan Abdullah MSc (Orthodontics)

Hawkar Gardy MSc (Orthodontics)

Saya Mustafa MSc (Orthodontics)

Yara ismail MSc (Pedodontics)

Naz Tariq MSc (Orthodontics)

Treefa Muhammad PhD (Orthodontics)

Zhwan jamal PhD (Orthodontics)

The effect of sialoprotein local injection on dental anchorages for orthodontic tooth retraction in dogs ZJMS 

Comparison between orthodontic micro-implants and dental units as anchorages for tooth retraction in dogs ZJMS

Thermal change assessment in the pulp chamber during orthodontic bonding with different light curing sources (An invitro study) ZMJS

The Effect of Submucosal Injection of Plasma-Rich Platelets on Blood Inflammatory Markers for Patients with Bimaxillary Protrusion Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment

Dental implants in an orthodontically created spaces using NiTi open coil spring in anterior and premolar regions ZMJS

Prevalence of hypodontia of permanent dention in a sample of orthodontic patients in erbil city, an orthopantomograph study ZJMS

Is bracket position determination from digital techniques accurate 100%?: A comparative ex-vitro study

Reliability of Expected Root Position in Two Different Bracket Bonding and Positioning Techniques (A Comparative Ex-Vitro Study)

Body mass index in relation to dental maturation of 10 to 14 years old school children in Erbil city. A cross-sectional prospective study

The effect of two commonly consumed energy drinks on the bond strength of conventional and APC® brackets: An in vitro study

External apical root resorption in orthodontically treated Class II malocclusions with 2-phase protocol (A 10-year Experience)

Assessment of the Removable Orthodontic Treatment Outcome Using Peer Assessment Rating Index

Accelerated Orthodontic Canine Retraction Using Minimally Invasive Orthocision: An in vivo stud

Evaluation of water atomized solid-state laser apparatus as a method for debonding ceramic orthodontic brackets (An In vitro study)


B.D.S College of dentistry/Hawler Medical Univercity (2000)

MSc (Orthodontics) College of dentistry/Hawler Medical Univercity (2008)

PhD (Orthodontics) College of dentistry/Hawler Medical Univercity (2014)

Practicing orthodontics at Noor Dental Center

in Fixed orthodontics, INCOGNITO system, DAMON system