Chenar Anwar Mohammad

Assistant Professor

College of Dentistry

Department of Periodontology

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Chenar Anwar Mohammad has PhD degree  in periodontology,and she is assistant professor and head of periodontic department at college of dentistry / Hawler medical university,Erbil/Iraq.She teaches the students  fifth stages( clincally and theory ) about  the tissue  that surround and protect the tooth , periodontal disease   treatment, periodontal abcesses and  treatment , dental managment of systemic diseases .   


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B.D.S  College of Denristry /Baghdad University/Iraq /1989-1990

M Sc  College of Dentistry/Sulaimani University/Iraq/  2005-2006

PhD  College of Dentistry /Hawler Medical University/ Iraq/  2012-2013

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