Haween Toufiq Hassan

Assistant Professor

College of Dentistry

Department of Basic Sciences

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Haween T. Hassan  has:

  • B. Sc. Degree in Biology-Microbiology(Salahaddin University BCollege of Science Department of Biology (From Nove.1990-June 1994)
  • MSc. in Immunology ( Salahaddin University College of Medicine Department of Medical Microbiology (From Nov. 1997- December1999)
  • PhD. Clinical Immunology (Hawler Medical University College of Medicine, Medical Microbiology Department ( From Nov.2005-December 2009).


Specialization: Clinical Immunology

Academic Title: Assistant Professor 2016 of Immunology at college of Dentistry /Hawler Medical University.

I teaches different courses including Microbiology, cross-infection and control, Medical Immunology for under graduate and MSc students.  



My curreny  research work  is mainly related to health services research, Blood Transfusion diseases, and orla infections particularlly Periodontal diseases.  

field of Researching: researching at field of Autoimmune Diseases, Molecular immunology; Immuno genetic  

Supervision of Postgraduate Students:

  • Oct 2010-Feb 2012 (Evaluation of Certain Immunological Parameters in Patients with Periodontitis in relation to Body Mass Index) For M. Sc. student ( Solav Abdulqader Mustafa) Department Periodontology

    . Dec 2012-Feb 2014 (Effect of Non-Surgical Treatment on the level of  some Serum Inflammatory Markers in Chronic  Periodontitis For M. Sc. student ( Sazan  Sartip Abdulhammed) Department Periodontology

  • Microbiological Approach on Pericoronitis In Erbil Province by Saeed G. Hissain, Shehab Ahmed,and Haween T. Hassan . ZJMS 2004; 8(1): 31-38.
  • Bacteriological Approach of Periapical: Periodontal Abscesse By Haween T. Hassan and Lukmman F. Omar . ZJMS 2005; 9(2):79-87.
  • The effect of 0.12% chlorhexidine (CHX) mouthwash on the incidence of Postextraction transient bacteremia. By Haween T. Hassan . Um-Salama Science Journal 2008
  • Identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Bacterial Isolates from Odontogenic Abscesse By Ahmed Hayder Abdulla, Lukmman F. Omar, and Haween T. Hassan. MDJ 2008; 5(4):422-8.
  • Evaluation of Interleukine-1β (IL-1β) levels in Plasma of Patients with Periodontal Diseases and their correlation with Body Mass Index. By Sulav M Abdulqader and Haween T. Nanakaly. Iraqi Dental Journal 2012;34(2):41-50.
  • Assessment of the Saliva and Serum Interleukine-6 in Patients with Chronic Periodontitis: Case Controlled Study. By Haween T. Nanakaly. Research & Review: Journal of Microbiology and Virology 2015; 5(1):
  • Effect of non- surgical periodontal treatment on TNF-α levels in serum of patients with chronic periodontitis. By sazan Sartip Abdulhameed and Haween T. Nanakaly. ZJMS 2016; 20(1):
  • Interleukine-6 level in Saliva of Patients with Chronic Periodontitis: a case-control stud. by Haween T . Nanakaly. JBCD 2016;  28(1).
  • Effect of Periodontal Therapy on Serum and Salivary Interleukin-2 levels in Chronic Periodontitis. by Haween T . Nanakaly. JBCD 2016; 28(2):
  • The effectiveness of ELISA and PCR Techniques for Detecting Cytomegalovirus DNA in Blood Donors. by Haween T . Nanakaly, Bashdar M. Hussen,  and  Saleem S.  Qader .  ZIPAS 2017,29(1):1-5
  • Effect of Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy on Salivary Interleukin-8 Levels in
    Patients with Chronic Periodontitis. by Haween T. Nanakaly 1
    , Hozan Wrya Azeez 2 and Solav M. Abdul-Qadir 2. roceeding book of International Conference on Applied Science, Energy and Environment ( ICASEE 2018 )
    Education Faculty / Ishik University April , 7th - 9th 2018.
  • Seroprevalence of Cytomegalovirus Among Voluntary Blood Donors in Erbil Province, North Iraq. by Haween T. Nanakaly and  Bashdar M. Hussen. ZJPAS: 2019;31(3):1-6.

  • Influence of smoking on salivary interleukin-8 levels in
    chronic periodontitis.  by Haween T. Nanakaly , Aveen E. Ismail
    , Daldar A. Othmn. J Bagh College Dentistry:2020; Vol 32(1) March.
  • Assessment of Interleukin-1β in Saliva of Smoker and Nonsmoker Patients with Chronic Periodontitis.by  Solav Abdul-Qadir Mustafa, Haween T. Nanakaly, Hozan Wrya Azeez. EDJ :Vol 4(2) Dec 2021.


- Undergraduate students: Medical Biology (1st stage 2000 -2022)

 - Critical Thinking (1st stage 2010 -2011)

 - Medical and Oral  Microbiology (2nd stage dentistry 2000 and still)


 -Advanced Medical and Oral Microbiology ( M Sc students of  Oral Surgery 2010-2011)

  - Immunology (M Sc students of Oral Surgery, Periodontology, Oral Pathology, Pharmacology   Departments 2010 and still

-  Immunology ( Lab Training – Ministry of Health 2013-2014).

Immunology (MSc students Histology, Periodontology; PhD students Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology Departments 2020-2021)

Microbiology  (MSc students Pedodontis ; PhD students Prevention   Departments 2020-2021).

- Undergraduate students: Medical Biology (1st stage 2000 and still)

College of Dentistry (2021-2022).

Microbiology (2nd Stage 2021-2022 ; 2nd semester College of Health Sciences- Department of Physiology

Patient Safety (2nd Stage; 1st Semester College of Health Sciences- Department of Physiology)

-  Immunology ( Lab Training/ Pathologist – Ministry of Health 2022-2023).

Microbiology( 2nd Stage 2022-2023, College of Dentistry)

Immunology (Lab Traning/ Volunteers -Biology – Ministry of Health 2022-2023).


  • Assistant Professor and teaching staff in the Department of Basic Science/ College of Dentistry/HMU
  • Head of Registration Unite (College of Dentistry/HMU 2000-2004)
  • Examination committee of undergraduate students (College of Dentistry/HMU 2000-2004)
  • Head of Registration Unite (College of Dentistry/HMU 2010-2011)
  • Examination committee of postgraduate students (College of Dentistry/HMU 2010-2012)
  • Head of Examination Committee (College of Dentistry/HMU 2012-2014)
  • Thesis dissertation committee of M Sc students (Multiple) (College of Dentistry/HMU 2011-2016)
  • M Sc and PhD Research proposal discussion committee (College of Dentistry/HMU 2013,2016)
  • Scientific Comparing Subjects ( للجنة مقاصه )2015-2014
  • Scientific Comparing Subjects ( للجنة مقاصه )) 2016-2015
  • Promotion committee (College of Dentistry/HMU 2016-2017)
  • Promotion committee (College of Dentistry/HMU 2017-2018)
  • Scientific committee at the department and college levels (College of Dentistry/HMU 2012-2016).
  • External Examinar Erbil polytechnic University Department Laboratory Diagnosis 2017-2018
  • Ethical Research Approval Coomiittee- As Member - College of Dentistry 2019-2022.