Niaz Hamaghareeb Hamasaeed

Assistant Professor

College of Dentistry

Department of Conservative Dentistry

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assisstant professor in conservative department teaching under graduate and post graduate students.

M.Sc( evaluation of the influence of three types of light curing systems on temperature rise ,depth of cure and degree of conversion of three resin based composites)

Ph.D( Assessment of two filling materials and sealers and four irrigants in lateral canal therapy by light microscopy ,digital radiography and computer programme application (Auto CAD))

1- Efficiency of different file rotary systemin shaping ability with microcomputed tomography and apical debris extrusion.

2- comparative measurement of penetration depth and adaptability of guttaflow bioseal with other different sealers to the simulated lateral canals using SEM.

3-evaluation of the effect of diode laser photoactivated bleaching on color and bond strength of different composite resin restoration

1-evaluation of the influence of three types of light curing systems on temperature rise ,depth of cure and degree of conversion of three resin based composites.

2-Importance of the dental operating microscope in detecting mesiolingual canal orifice of maxillary first molar and distolingual canal orifice of mandibular first molar.(In vitro study)

3-Study the effect of different seperating medium on the roughness of the tissue surface of acrylic denture base.

4-the effect of lase peroxide sense and whitening lase II radiationon gingival microleakage of different types of composite resin filling material.

5-evaluation of the antimicrobial effects of ozonated water on the sanitization of endodontic files contaminated with C.Albicans.

6-study the effect of surface sealant on microleakage in class V cavities filled by different restorative materials.


8- Assessing the Impact of Varied Dark Chocolate Concentrations on Enamel and Dentine Microhardness( MDPI/Journal of applied science volume 14/2024

9- Novel incorporation of charged hydroxyapatite nanoparticles into resin adhesive/December 2023 Cellular and molecular biology (Noisy-le-Grand, France)11(69):149-154

10- The incidence rate of caries on individual tooth surfaces and its distribution by age and gender in clinic patients of Hawler Medical University/College of Dentistry: a retrospective cross‐sectional study/ July 2023/Erbil Dental Journal6(1):62-69

11-The impact of the diode laser 940 nm photoactivated bleaching on color change of different composite resin restorations/ Adv. Pharm. Technol. Res/2023 Vol 14

12- Preference for Using Posts to Restore Endodontically Treated Teeth among Dentists in College of Dentistry/ Hawler Medical University/August 2022/Sulaimani dental journal9(1):68-76


B.D.S (college of dentistry ,University of Sulaimani/ sulaimani 1996-2001)

M.Sc. Conservative dentistry (College of dentistry/university of sulaimani 2004-2006)

Ph.D. Conservative dentistry (College of dentistry/university of sulaimani 2006-2010)

Position:Assistant professor in Conservative dentistry department in college of dentistry /HMU 

Teaching activities:

Undergraduate students:- Dental anatomy (theory and practical) ,conservative ,endodontic(theory and practical)

post graduate student : diploma( bio dental material theory), conservative practical

M.Sc (occlusion theory, bio dental materials theory ) , conservative practical 


 Ph.D ( bio dental material)

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