Bayan Abdulla Hassan

Assistant Professor

College of Dentistry

Department of Pedodontics, Orthodontics and Preventive Dentistry (POP)

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Bayan A Hassan has BDS degree from college of Dentistry/Mousil University Msc degree in Orthodontics and PhD in Preventive Orthodontic Dentistryy from Hawler Medical University. She is a lecturer of orthodontics at College of Dentistry/Hawler Medical University.

She Works as Visiting lecturer for postgraduate study (orthodontics)in Ishik University.

Teached in erbil dental polytechnic institute (2003-2004).

participated in postgraduate activites in university of Mousil-Sulaimani and Hawler medical university as a chairman and member of MSc. discussion committee.

participated in many national and international dental conferances,training courses  and workshops as a presenter and participant.



Orthodontic treatment need and demand

element release from orthodontic appliances

bracket bond strength



interest in Kurdish oral and dental health researchs

oral habits

 Hassan Sabah( Orthodntics).

Herish Sherwany (Orthodontics).

Mansoor Hadi (Orthodontics).

Mahmood Kanaan (Orthodontics).

Huda Raad (pedodontics).

Dilpack Khurdhid Hamad (Orthodontics)

sava bakhtyar (preventive dentistry)

Botan abdullah ( orthodontics)

Google Scholar Profile

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BDS From College of Dentistry/Mousil University (1995-1996).

MSc (Orthodontics) University of Salahaddin-Erbil (2003).

PhD (preventive Orthodontics) from Hawler Medical University (2010).

Member of Kurdistan Dental Association.

Memberof Iraqa orthodntic Association.

Member of Arab Orthodontic Society.

Member of World Federation of Orthodontics(WFO).

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