Khurshid Abubakir Kheder Khrwatany

Assistant Professor

College of Dentistry

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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I've finished my primary shool in Khrwatan primary school up to 5th class, when our village destroyed by Saddam regime, we've displaced and i was forced to stop studying. After 3 years (in 1990) we've got permission and i've rejoined the school to finish 6th and middle school in Basirma secondary school (1994). I've joined Nusring preparatory shcool in Erbi in 1994 which i've graduated from in 1997 holding second place at the Kurdistan ranking level. In 1997 i've joined Erbil technical institute/nursing department and graduated from in 1999. As a second place of Kurdistan ranking I 've accepted in college of dentsitry/Salahhadin univeristy which I've graduated from, holding first ranking position among my class for all five years (1999-2004). 

I was enroled in the internship program  that gave me the chance to work in all Erbil governmental teaching dental centers. I've completed it in 2005

I traveled to Russia for completion of specialization and doctorate degree in maxillofacial surgery in 2005 which I've got it in 2009.

Now I'm assistant professor of oral and maxillofacial surgeon, operative surgeon in both Rizgary teaching Hospital and Nova Dental Center.

Intrarticular injection of TMJ

Variation of third molar impaction angulation of Erbil population compared to Iraqi neighboring countries

Decision of surgery according to proximity of LTM roots to IAC

Surgical anatomy of roots of LTM

New method of palpation in TMJ examination

Dissmilarity of condylar morphology of TMJ according to chewing side

Photodynamic therapy for osteomyelitis of mandible

Comparision between perforated and none perforated titanium plates in reconstruction of orbital floor

Attitud of health professionals toward using of social media apps to promot health

Role of osteoporosis and Estrogen level in temporomandibular joint

Rozhan Abdulbasit Sharif


Paper publications
Actual addition to classification of traumatism
  • March 2010
  • Lab: 

Decision of surgery according to relation of roots of lower third molar to inferior alveolar canal in different Winter classes of impaction depending only on orthopantomogram. ICOS III conference, Erbil, May 2018.

Comparison of Prevalence and Angulation of Impacted Third Molar among Erbil Population with That of Iraq Neighboring Countries


Decision of surgery according to proximity of roots of lower third molar to inferior alveolar canal depending only on orthopantomogram
  • June 2019
Surgically concerned anatomy of roots of lower third molar


A Panoramic Study of the Dissimilar Morphology of Mandibular Condyle in a Sample of Population in Erbil City
  • September 2021
Comparison among Histological Outcomes of Different Materials used for Reconstruction of the Orbit
  • September 2022
Treatment of chronic osteomyelitis of mandible by photodynamic therapy
Three-point vs one-point palpation of temporomandibular joint. A clinical trial study

BDS/ Salahaddin university Erbil 2004

DMFS/ Chuvash State Univerisity Cheboksary 2009

Implant surgery, Temporomandibualr joint, orthognathic surgery, oncosurgery of head and neck, traumatology, orofacial defect surgeries.

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