Ronak Taher Ali

Assistant Professor

College of Medicine

Department of Basic Sciences

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Academic staff in Collage of Medicine/Hawler Medical University/Pharmacology and Medical Physics Department/ Medical Physics Unit.

Radiation Physics, Radiological Diagnosis Physics, Hearing Loss, Radiation Protection,Radiation Oncology,Physical Hazard Environments.

1. Radiation Leakge and quality controle tests of radiological diagnosis facility of hospital in Erbile/ Iraq. Ronak Taher Ali & Dler Alaaddin MS.c. (2015).

2.Assessment of Entrance skin doses and radiation protection for pediatric X-ray examination in Erbile city. Runak.T.Ali & Rozhan Ahmad MS.c. (2017)

3. Dosimetric analysis of intensity modulated radiation therapy and 3D-Conformal radiation therapy plans for piatients wiyh brian cancer. Ronak Taher Ali & Noor Sami -MS.c. (2019)

4. External dose rate measurements of piatents during and after F-18 FDG for PET/CT imaging in Erbil. Ronak Taher Ali & Karzan Noori -MS.c. (2022)

5. Evaluiation of the effects some disease factors om loq level laser therapy in piatients with tinnitus. Ronak Taher Ali & Tara Noorauldeen-Ph.D. (2023)

6. Assessing of hearing loss impacts on speech difficulties using speech audiometry. Ronak Taher Ali & Ronahi Ibrahim -MS.c. (2023)

7. Effective of continouse therapuitic Ultrasound combined with exersices for rotator cuff disease.  Ronak Taher Ali & Noora nasraddin-MS.c. (2023)

8. Comparision of short wave diathermy, transcutaneouse electrical nerve stimulation of electrotherapy methods and exercise therapy in chronic low back condition. Ronak Taher Ali & Iman Ghafoor -MS.c. (2023) 

1. Ph.D Medical Physics 2007-2008 College of Medicine / Al mustansaryia University.

2. MS.c Medical Physics 2002-2003 College of Medicine / Salahaddine University.

3. BS.c Physics 1998-1999 College of Science /Salahaddine University.

Member of center for research and education in womens health.

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