Shawnam Nasih Dawood

Assistant Professor

College of Medicine

Department of Surgery

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Assistant Professor at college of medicine/Hawler Medical University

Consultant Radiologist

Memeber of Kurdistan and Iraqi Doctors Syndicate

Memeber of Iraqi and Kurdistan association of Radiology Doctors 

Member of International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Member of Voluson Club

Member of Kurdistan Research Club


1. Distribution of Multiple Sclerosis lesions detected by brain magnetic resonance imaging in Erbil city.

1. Enhanced fertility after diagnostic hysterosalpingography using water-soluble contrast media. M Ghazi, A Khalis, SN Dawood
ZJMS 2015;19 (1), 923-8

2. Prevalence of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings in Low Back Pain Patients in Erbil city. SN Dawood, SA Amin, SM Uthman
The 3rd international conference for medical sciences of HMU proceeding book 2012; vol(1)pages 151-157.

3. Sonographic evaluation of maternal kidneys in normal pregnancy. SN Dawood, SA Amin, SS ShekhMuhammed
ZJMS 2015;19 (1), 880-885

4. Sonographic Normal Thyroid Gland Volume in Healthy Adults in Erbil. SN Dawood, M Ghazi, SM Uthman. The first scientific conference of college of medicine/Hawler Medical University proceeding book, pages 104-116. 

5. Can vaginal ultrasound replace diagnostic curettage in the detection of endometrial pathology in post-menopausal bleeding? Sedeq, M., Dawood, S., Farooq, A., & Alalaf, S. Zanco Journal of Medical Sciences (Zanco J Med Sci)23(2), 233-241.

6. Normal anatomic variants of paranasal sinus region studied by computed tomography. SN Dawood Zanco Journal of Medical Sciences (Zanco J Med Sci) 24 (2), 187-196

7. Tawfeeq, D., & Dawood, S. (2021). Distribution of multiple sclerosis lesions detected by brain magnetic resonance imaging in Erbil city. Zanco Journal of Medical Sciences (Zanco J Med Sci), 25(1), 446-455.



MBChB ...1990-Salahaddin University / Erbil-Iraq

DMRD  ....2001-University of Mosul / Iraq

- Participation in teaching process of undergraduate and postgraduate students

- Academic supervisor of 4th year students

- Responsible for quality assurance and CPD of radiology at surgery department-college of medicine/HMU

- Member of accreditation subcommittee - college of medicine/HMU 

- Personal academic tutor- college of medicine/HMU 


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