Nazdar Ezzaddin Alkhateeb

Assistant Professor

College of Medicine

Department of Medical Education

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Nazdar Ezzaddin Alkhateeb is a pediatrician and Assistant Professor in Pediatric, she earned her MBChB at 1993 and completed her Master degree in Pediatric at 2003. she has interest in Pediatric nutrition and special interest in Medical Education, she earned her PhD in Medical Education in 2019. She has held a number of educational roles including member of Curriculum and Accreditation committees. and she was one of the first few persons who established skills laboratory in the College of Medicine /HMU and work as coordinator for skills lab for 3 years.

She participated in a Pedagogy course in Finland in 2018 as one of 33 professors and teachers selected from the Kurdistan Region to reform the teaching method courses representing Hawler Medical University and participated actively in designing the new curriculum for Pedagogy courses.

She was the Head of the Medical Education Department from 2019-2023 and currently, she is the Head of Center of Pedagogical Training and Academic Development

Dr. Esraa Arjumand Qadir

Dr. Tara M. Ali Shallal

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Conference papers
1. Using simulated clinical skills teaching as a catalyst for educational change: The Kurdistan/Cardiff DelPHE project 
NER Alkhateeb, BJ Jenkins, SE Williams, LA Talat 
Amee conference 2011.
2. The use of peer assisted learning approach in clinical skills teaching in Erbil College of Medicine
N Alkhateeb, FH Abdulahad
AMEE 2012
3. Vitamin D status in iron deficiency and/or anemia The fourth international conference of Iraqi Kurdistan Pediatric Society, Duhok- Iraqi Kurdistan
May 2017 Esraa Arjumand Qadir, Nazdar Ezzaddin Rasheed Alkhateeb 
4. Innovative solution to enhance students engagement in the electronic platforms: Modification of gallery walk

Dec 2019 PhD Medical Education College of Medicine, Hawler Medical University, Erbil, Iraq 

Thesis:  Quality improvement framework design of objective structured clinical examination in Hawler Medical university


Mar 2003 Master degree Pediatric College of Medicine, Salahaddin University, Erbil, Iraq 

Thesis: Aetiology of bloody diarrhea among children admitted to Maternity and Children's hospital-Erbil.

Jul 1993 MBChB (Medical Doctor) Salahaddin University, Erbil, Iraq


Fever and Rash, Fever and Neck swelling in child health module of 5th year


Faculty development program on assessment 2021

IREX The IRAQ E-Learning Professional Training program
MAY-JUNE , 2020 

Development of new integrated curriculum of College of Medicine /Hawler Medical University 2014-2020

Development of clinical skills in Hawler Medical University with Cardiff University. 2010-2011


  • Member of Curriculum Committee, College of Medicine /Hawler Medical University.
  • Member of Quality Assurance of Assessment Committee, College of Medicine /Hawler Medical University.

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