Media Ghazi Sedeeq

Assistant Professor

College of Medicine

Department of Surgery

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Assitant Professor at College of Medicine Hawler Medical University

Specialist radiologist and director of radiology and ultrasound Department at maternity Teaching Hospital.

 Evaluation of uterine biophysical profile to asses its role in predecting conception in infertility






Occular ultrasonography for detection of posterior segment pathology in adullt patients presenting with blurred vision

Zanco J.Med.Sci.,Vol ,25,No(3) 2020

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1-Validity of ultrasound for estimation of fetal weight in term single tone pregnancies  Zanco J.Med.Sci., Vol.14( special issue14),2010.

2-Enhanced fertility after diagnostic hysterosalpingography using water-soluble contrast media Zanco J.Med.Sci., Vol.19, No.(1) ,2015.

3-A prospective comparison of transvaginal transabdominal ultrasound and diagnostic curettage in the evaluation of endometrial pathology in Erbil Zanco J.Med.Sci., Vol.20, No.(1),2016.

4-Ultrasonographic Prevalence of Polycystic Ovarian  Morphology among Women of Reproductive Age Group ( accepted for publication), Zanco J.Med.Sci., Vol.23,No.(1)2017.

5-Can vaginal ultrasound  replace diagnostic curretage in the detection of endometrial pathology in post-menopausal bleeding?

Zanco J.Med.Sci.,Vol23.No(2)2019

6-Sonographic Normal Thyroid Gland Volume in Healthy Adults in Erbil

The First Scientific Conference of the college of  Medicine /Hawler Medical University on Thursday and Friday 22,23 December ,2016


M.B.CH.B University of Salahuddin 1994

Master in radiology Hawler medical university 2003, thesis( pre-operative chest radiograph is it of value) 

ProfissionalDiploma in Fetal  Medicine from Ejypt 2020

Diploma in expert in imaging in materno fetal medicine ,University of Barcelona 

Director of Scientific activities of Kurdistan Association of Radiologists

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