Mariwan Haweel Saka

Assistant Professor

College of Medicine

Department of Medicine

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Mariwan H Saka has FICMS degree in Medicine from Bagdad, IRAQ (2007) and High diploma in interventional cardiology (2012) from Hawler Medical University. He is an Assistant Professor at department of medicine at Hawler Medical University, Erbil, Iraq. He teaches different courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students including general and interventional cardiology. He has one publication. His current research work is mainly related to cardiology and prevalence of non-communicable diseases and the associated risk factors. Before pursuing the academic career, he established three years of experience in the health education and vaccination program with Qandil organization. He is currently working in addition in Erbil cardiac center as interventional cardiologist.

1-Prevalence of Hypertension and Associated Factors Among Adult Population of Erbil city: A Household Survey

2-Prevalence of overweight/obesity and associated factors among Erbil adults: A household survey

3-Management of acute chest pain in Erbil city

4-Factors Associated With Patients’ Non Compliance To HTN Medications in Erbil City

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Assessement of some risk factors for angigraphically defined coronary artery disease in Erbil cardiac center.

Qualified High Diploma in interventional Cardiology at (2011-2012) HMU                     

Qualified Iraqi Board Commission in Internal Medicine ( F.I.C.M.S.) at  ( 2007-2008 )

 MBChB, College of Medicine , University of Salahaddin(1987-1993)

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