Sherzad Abdulahad Shabu Hakim

Assistant Professor

College of Medicine

Department of Community Medicine

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Sherzad A. Shabu has MSc and PhD degree in Community Medicine from Hawler Medical University. He is an Assistant Professor of Community Medicine at the College of Medicine, and the Director of Quality Assurance at Hawler Medical University, Erbil, Iraq. He teaches different courses including Biostatiistics, Social Medicine, Health policy and planning, etc.

His current research work is mainly related to obesity, evidence-based health policy, knowledge transfer and exchange in health care, prevalence of chronic diseases.

He has supervised different research groups of undergraduate students in an avaerage of four groups per year, on different research topics.

Prevalence of childhood obesity among a sample of basic education school children in Erbil city
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A qualitative assessment of women’s perspectives and experience of female genital mutilation in Iraqi Kurdistan Region
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Risk perception and behavioral response to COVID-19 in Iraqi Kurdistan Region
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Prevalence of overweight/obesity and associated factors in adults in Erbil, Iraq: A household survey
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Evidence-based health policymaking in Iraqi Kurdistan: facilitators and barriers from the perspectives of policymakers and advisors
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Intralesional pentostam versus intralesional metronidazole in treating cutaneous leishmaniasis: a comparison study
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Exploring perspectives on COVID-19 risk, protective behavior and control measures
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Knowledge transfer and exchange among academic researchers of Hawler Medical University
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Assessing Children’s Knowledge and the Impact of a Specific Health Awareness Program on the Weight Status of Overweight Children in Erbil City
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Knowledge, Attitude, and Perceptions of Modern Contraception Use among a Sample of Women in Erbil City.
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MBchB, MSc, PhD / Community Medicine

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