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Department of Community Medicine

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Samir M. Othman is professor of community medicine and the head of the quality assurance department at college of medicine. Dr. Samir is a medical doctor and has MSc and PhD in Community Medicine from Hawler Medical University. He has around 25 publications (in national and intrnational medical journals) primarily in the field of communicable diseases. His research interest includes hepatitis virus infection and HIV/AIDS. He teaches epidemiology of communicable disease, biostatistics and primary heath care for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. He has supervised a number of PhD and MSc students in the field of community medicine, community health and family medicine.


  1. Development and Assessment of a Health Educational Program in Preventing or Reducing Substance Abuse among High School Students in Erbil City. (PhD in community health).
  2. Prevalence, Awareness and Factors Associated With Waterpipe Smoking among Private University Students in Erbil City- Kurdistan Region (BOARD in community medicine)
  3. Knowledge and practice about diabetes among adult diabetic patients in Erbil, Iraq (Higher Diploma in family medicine)
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Impact of an education intervention on knowledge of high school students concerning substance use in Kurdistan region-Iraq: A quasi-experimental study,PLoS ONE,2018- 13 (10).


Substance use among high school students in Erbil city,EMHJ,2018

MBChB, 1989, college of medicine, Salahaddin University

MSc., 2005, community medicine, college of medicine, Salahaddin University

PhD., 2010, community medicine, college of medicine, Hawler Medical University

Continuing education, research

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