Talib Adil Abdulqadir


College of Medicine

Department of Pediatrics

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Pediatric senior in Rapareen pediatric teaching hospital since 28/6/2014 , and perminent teaching staff of medical college in Hawler Medical university since 17/5/2015 , graduated from Hawler medical university /college of medicine since 25/6/2005 , and Iraqi board for medical specialization (pediatrics ) since 30/11/2011 .Member of International Parkinson and Movement Disorder society , participated in many international pediatric training course including pediatric epilepsy training by British Paediatric Neurology association (PET1,PET2,PET3,PETEEG) and Movement disorders in children and adolescents by International movement disordor society


Pediatric senior in Rapareen teaching Hospital  2014

Member of Teaching statt in HMU / college of medicine 2015