Fateh Faez Al-Khalidi


College of Medicine

Department of Psychiatry

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I have joined Hawler college of Medicine in November 2006, worked as a lecturer for the period 2016 during which I provided theoretical and practical sessions to under and post graduate medical trainees. 

Also, I worked at the Psychiatric departments at different hospitals as per contract with health medical directorate. 

I worked in 2 researches and both were on suicide. 

First research was done during my years of training in psychiatry and as part of fulfilling the requirements to get the IFBMSPysch Board Degree. 

Second research was on suicide rate amonge medical students which was done in Hawler Medical College. 

1) Hasan Mazin Shekheel Mercalose senior house officer of Orthopedic and Trauma surgery /2nd year teainee

2) Nasir Loay Sheet Al-Nammo senior house officer of Neurology

3) Diana waleed jameel Kattan senior house officer of Psychiatry

4) Masara Salam Askar Senior house officer of Emergency medicine

Suicide Ideas in Medical College Students, 2013 

MBChB, Board of Psychiatry (Iraqi Medical Specializations in Psychiatry)


May – Nov, 2006 Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry – in and outpatient – Al-Kadhmya Teaching Hospital ‘Al Emamain Al Khademain Teaching hospital’: Baghdad, Iraq
Dec, 2006 – Present Adult, Geriatric, Addiction and Emergency Psychiatry – Erbil Psychiatric Hospital and Emergency Departments at different hospitals; Erbil, Iraq
Dec, 2006 – 2014 Emergency Psychiatry: management of psychiatric cases admitted to the ER department of different hospitals.
2007 – 2008 Member of Erbil Forensic Psychiatric Committee – Erbil, Iraq
2008 – 2009 Head of Erbil Adolescent Psychiatric Forensic Committee.
2008-2009/2014-2015 Helena Child Medical Centre – Pediatric Psychiatric Outpatient in liaison with department of neurology.
2009 – 2016: Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Erbil Psychiatric Hospital, Pediatric Department; Erbil, Iraq
Oct, 2009 – 2016: Pediatric and Adolescent Psychiatric Outpatient – Erbil Psychiatric Teaching Hospital.

Aug 2016 - Feb 2017: Older Adult Psychiatric Department - Fulbrook Centre - Oxford, UK

Feb 2017 - Aug 2017: Community Psychiatry - Warneford Hospital - Oxford, UK

Aug 2017 - Feb 2018: Forensic Psychiatric Department - Oxford Clinic - Littlemore Hospital - Oxford, UK

Feb 2018 - present: Adult Rehabilitation Psychiatry + Community Assessment Team at the hiteleaf Centre, Aylesbury, UK

Medical Skills test and refreshment: 2016

Psychodynamic Theory Seminars

29th August 2017 to 19th December 2017

March to July, 2017: CBT Psychotherapy both theoretical and Pracitcal 


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