Abdullah Saeed Ibrahim

Assistant Professor

College of Medicine

Department of Medicine

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Senior lecturer at the department of medicine-college of medicine – Hawler medical university.

Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist at gastroenterology center –Rizgary teaching hospital.


1- Case report (Pediococcus pentosaceus SEPTIC ARTHRITIS OF KNEE:  A CASE REPORT . Mohammed Omer Mohammed , Sherko A Omer, Taha Ahmed Fathulla

Rebar Mohammed Nori  and Abdullah  Delmany .Submitted 26th November 2013; accepted 12th February 2014( Mohammad O M et al. / JSMC, 2014 (Vol 4) No.1)


2-  Case report ( Sertraline Induced Acute Hepatitis: A Case Report)Araz Aziz Abdullah1, Abdullah Saeed Ibrahim, Halgurd Fatihullah Ahmed.Published Online April 2015 in SciRes. http://www.scirp.org/journal/health


3-Case report: A case of Argyria following colloidal silver ingestion

Halgurd Fatihullah Ahmed, Abdullah Saeed Ibrahim, Jalal Ali Jalal and Sanger JalalMerit Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (ISSN: 2354-323X) Vol. 3(3)pp.937941,March,2015Availableonlinehttp://www.meritresearchjournals.org/mms/index.htm.Copyright © 2015 Merit Research Journals

4- CRIMEAN CONGO HEMORRHAGIC FEVERMANAGEMENT IN ERBIL DURING 2010-2011.Abdullah S. Ibrahim,Kharman S. Ibrahim,Mohammed O. Mohammed,Mohammad A. Al-Shaikhani,Ali A. Barzanji,Sarhang J.Saeed,Saefadin Muhiaden.European Scientific Journal August 2014 edition vol.10, No.24 ISSN: 1857 – 7881 (Print) e - ISSN 1857- 7431


5-  Percutaneous Trans-hepatic Biliary Drainage In Kurdistan Center For Gastroenterology And Hepatology .Naser Abdullah Mohammed *,Taha Ahmed Al-Karbuli**, Abdullah Saeed Ibrahim*** Muhsin Abubakir Mohammed**** ,JKBMS 2015.


6-Epidemiology of (H1N1) pandemic 2009 influnza virus infection in erbil city /Iraq.halgourd fathula,sherzad ali ,Abdullah saeed Ibrahim, JKBMS 2016.



  • Bachelor of Medicine (M.B.Ch.B), 2001-2002 from Hawler Medical University


  • Fellow of the Iraqi board for medical specialization- F.I.B.M.S. (Iraqi Board) in internal medicine, 2009.



  • Fellow of Kurdistan board for medical specialization –gastroentrology and Hepatology -2015.