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Rashid Hamid Bibani is a senior Lecturer of Clinical Neurology at Hawler Medical University, College of Medicine. He awarded MBChB after completion of his undergraduate study at the University of Mosul, Iraq in 1984. He undertook his residency for clinical training in the different hospitals inside and outside Erbil city. His postgraduate training was in Internal medicine and awarded the High Diploma degree which was a two years of full time study and equal to master degree. He worked as a specialist in Rizgary Teaching hospital and Soran general hospital. In 2008 he got a scholarship awarded by Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. He admitted to the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom for doing PhD in Clinical Neurology. Successfully, he completed the study and he awarded PhD in Clinical Neurology in 2013. Upon his return dr Bibani resumed his work as a Senior Lecturer of Neurology at the Hawler Medical University, College of Medicine, Department of Medicine, and as a Neurologist at Rizgary Teaching Hospital. Throughout his employment time dr Rashid Bibani has worked as a director of some of Primary Health Centres, Children Rehabilitation Center in Benaslawa, Erbil, and Soran General Hospital. He published papers on internal medicine and neurology in local and internationally recognized medical journals. His research mainly continues to focus on multiple sclerosis. He is member of many medical and non-medical society, associations and syndicate locally and internationally, and he was one of the founder for some of them.

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High Secondary School: Abdulmalik Bin Marwan (Kurdistan)-1978-Kirkuk, Iraq

MBChB: College of Medicine, University of Mosul-1984-Mosul, Iraq

High Diploma (2 year study: Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, Salahaddin University- 2003, Erbil, Iraq

PhD; Clinical Neurology, School of Medicine, University of Nottingham- 2013- Nottingham, UK


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