University Open Day
Under the patronage of the Medical Research Center President, Dr.Yasin Kareem Amin, our center organized an Open Day Festival on 25 April 2019. More detail
The Medical Research Center of Hawler Medical University conducted a training course about Real Time PCR from 14/4/2019 to 5/5/2019. The training course was provided by Ayshan Rafaat Yassin, Bashdar Mahmud Hussein, and Dr. Amin Bakr Aziz and was supervised by Dr. Yassin Kareem Amin. Up to 30... More detail
International committee of the representative  visit to Medical research Center for liais on working between International Committee of Red Cross and MRC. More detail
The Medical Research Center has begun this workshop in (7,8/4/2019) at (9:00 A.M)for the More detail
3/4/2019 ‌‌‌‌‌ئامادەکارى بۆ ڕێبەرى More detail
خولی ڕاهێنان
. (Molecular biology)لە ڕێکەوتی ٢٠١٩/٤/١٤ تاکو ٢٠١٩/٥/٢ لە کاتژمێر ٩ بەیانی تا ١٢ نیوەرۆ . نرخی ٢٥ هەزارە و ژمارەی بەشداربوو تەنها ٢٠ کەسە کە لە بواری  Real time PCR سەنتەری توێژینەوەی پزیشکی هەڵدەستێ بە کردنەوەی خولی ڕاهێنانی  More detail
کۆبونەوەی بەڕێوەبەری سەنتەری توێژینەوەی پزیشکی لەگەڵ فەرمانبەرانی سەنتەر . More detail
In 2nd of march 2019,The discussion for master student (Dr.Rana Muhammad Al-attar) More detail
There was a workshop which was entitled ( GOSAP Method:How to acheive what you want)  presented by More detail

The Medical Research Center of Hawler Medical University was founded in 2008. The Medical Research Center is a governmental, non-profit institute. The center is intended to become a pioneer research center in Erbil and the Kurdistan region.

The center provides training on various stages of research and supports the university researchers to undertake high quality research in different areas of interest. Training is provided on research methodology, biostatistics, research writing and reference management, use laboratory equipment such as conventional and real time PCR machines, gel electrophoresis and DNA testing. Equipment and facilities are available to the researchers from the different colleges of Hawler Medical University as well as the other universities of Kurdistan to undertake research in different fields.


To become a big pioneer research center in Hawler and Kurdistan.


Provide training on various stages of research. And support the university research to undertake high      quality research in different areas of interest.

  • Research methodology.
  • Biostatistics.
  • Research writing and reference management (use of Microsoft office and end Not program).
  • Using of laboratory equipment such as conventional and real time PCR machines gel electrophoresis.

Our Objectives

Support the university to make more scientific and high quality research about mass graves and Genocide.

  • Build healthier, more equitable & prosperous society.
  • Improve quality of life.
  • Use science & technology to find practical, long-term solutions to social, economic & environmental problems.
  • Contribute to informed decision- making.
  • Basic, pre-clinical and clinical research in medical and social science.
  • Conduct continuous monitoring of social & cultural trends.
  • Undertake commissioned projects & conducts on- going research for governmental bodies, major companies and trade associations.
  • Act as a diagnostic Centre for “Ministry of Heath”.
  • To have our data in every aspect of medicine for the future generation.
  • Support the university to make more scientific and high quality research about mass Grave and Genocide.

We hope that every clinician/ lecturer will be a scientist in his/her field.

Any suggestion and comments from our colleagues inside or outside Kurdistan is most welcome to improve the quality of our work and build stronger scientific society.


Asst. Prof. Dr. Yasin KareemAmin     

Director General

Consultant General Surgeon 

MBChB, Msc. Anatomy, PhD Embryology


Medical Research Center

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