Personalized Medicine in Cancer

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Title: Personalized Medicine in Cancer

Personalized medicine in cancer represents a groundbreaking shift in oncology, focusing on
tailoring treatments to individual patients based on their genetic profile and specific
characteristics of their cancer. This approach aims to enhance the effectiveness of therapies
while minimizing side effects. By leveraging advances in genomics, biomarker
identification, and molecular diagnostics, personalized medicine enables healthcare
providers to design targeted treatment plans that address the unique aspects of each patient’s
disease. This innovative strategy not only improves patient outcomes but also paves the way
for the development of new, more precise cancer treatments. As research and technology
continue to evolve, personalized medicine holds the promise of revolutionizing cancer care,
offering hope for better survival rates and improved quality of life for patients.

Type of activity: Seminar
Presenter: Assistant Professor, Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Chawsheen
Venue: Medical Research center, HMU
No. participants:
Day: 19-5-2024
Agenda: showing Latest Innovations in Molecular Diagnostics for Cance


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