Nanoparticles: Past, present and future (Workshop)

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On 21.11.2017 The deanship of the pharmacy college organized a

workshop on Nanoparticles, attended by the pharmacy college academic staff which was presented by Dr Azeed Berzenji...In the workshop the presenter explained the history and development of nano- science, how to prepare nanoparticle and using it in different area such as Medicine, Life and Biological science. Nanoscience breakthroughs in almost every field of science and nanotechnologies make life easier in this era. Nanotechnologies contribute to almost every field of science, including physics, materials science, chemistry, biology, Medicine, computer science, and engineering. Notably, in recent years nanotechnologies have been applied to human health with promising results, especially in the field of cancer treatment.

Presenter : Assistant Professor Dr Azeez Abdullah Barzinjy
No of participants: 25

Date: 21/11/2021

Place: Hawler Medical University-College of Pharmacy