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Series of Digital Dentistry Workshops entitled " Digital Impressions Vs. Conventional Impression".

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On Wednesday dated 15/11/2023, the College of Dentistry/Hawler Medical University under the direct supervision of Assist. Prof. Dr.Bassam Karim Amin, Dean of College of Dentistry and Assist. Prof. Hemn Muhssin Suleman, the Assistant Dean had organized a workshop about “Digital Impressions Vs Conventional Impression”. The mentioned workshop was one of series workshops that have been conducted and supervised by Assist Prof. Nabeel Seryoka Hanna Martani. It is worth to mention that similar workshops will be conducted regularly on weekly basis for the Dentist doctors, faculty staff and post graduate students.  The attendees were being engaged in hands-on sessions so as to be adapted in utilizing intraoral scanners for accurate digital impressions. The workshop had demonstrated the theoretical understanding with developing into the practical aspects for incorporating this technology into various dental specialties. It is important to note that three famous dental companies have sponsored the series of workshops namely Medit by Vanset, Alsharaa dental solutions, and Saremco by Crown Dent.  

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