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Safety and Security Management Training Course

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The Directorate of Health and Safety of Hawler Medical University conducted a training course about safety and security management from 19 April to 2 May 2021. The course was run by Mr. Haval Abdulkhlik Hamadamin, Director of Health and Safety and around 20 participants from the different directorates of the university presidency participated in the course. The course aimed to raise awareness about the safety and security risks faced by the staff at their departments during daily work and how to prevent and manage them. The closing ceremony of the course was attended by Assistant Prof. Dr. Kamaran Younis M.Amin, University President, and Assistant Prof. Dr. Hawre Mustafa, Vice President for Students’ Affairs. Participation certificates were distributed to the participants during the closing ceremony.  


Training program:

19 April 2021: Safety and security

20 April 2021: Risk, likelihood, consequences

27 April 2021: Risk assessment

28 April 2021: Practical exercises of risk assessment

29 April 2021: Risk management

2 May 2021:  Wrap up, feed back and closing ceremony