Revised postgraduate studies regulations 2020

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The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research issued the revised regulations for postgraduate studies (MSc and PhD).

Revised MSc Regulations

Revised PhD Regulations

The revised regulations include three clauses;

First, changing the the type of the seats that remained empty after the first round of admission for the candidates who passed the admission exam. The candidates with the highest scores will be admitted to the remained seats. The list of these candidates has been finalized and they have been contacted by email.  

Second, the college council and the university council will study the possibility of increasing seats for the candidates who passed the admission exam with the condition of not exceeding 50% of the original number of seats and having enough number of supervisors. The colleges' councils and the university council have worked on this clause and finalized the plan of increasing seats. The eligible candidates will be contacted by email around 6 September 2020.

Third, if empty seats remain after implementing the first clause above, the candidates who did not pass the initial admission exam in these specialties will be examined again to improve their marks and will compete on these seats. See the list of specialties that have empty seats for which the applicants can take oral exam (Detailed list). To be eligible for the exam, the applicant should have at least 7.5/30 in the first admission exam. The candidates eligible for the oral exam have been contacted by email. These candidates need to check their email addresses that they have provided during application. The exam date is on 8-9 September 2020. The eligible candidates should visit the university by 2 Sep 2020 to complete the required forms, otherwise they will not be admitted to the exam.

All these types of admissions and seats will be in parallel system (see the details of tuition fees).

The above clauses will be implemented by the colleges' councils and the university council step by step and this will take several weeks. The candidates that will be considered for admission or need to take the admission exam will be contacted directly in due time. There is no need to visit or contact the university at this stage.