Hawler Medical University is conducting a new teaching methods training course that has started on 17 September 2017 and involves 43 participants from Hawler Medical University and Erbil Directorate of Health.

Course Book
Course Program
Capacity Development Course DocumentsChanged at
Bologna Process in Higher Education.pptx21/Jan/2018 09:46 AM.
CME Ass. Lecturer.xlsx21/Jan/2018 09:46 AM.
CME Scores and Calculations.docx21/Jan/2018 09:46 AM.
Communication Skills.ppt21/Jan/2018 09:46 AM.
EBL.ppt21/Jan/2018 09:47 AM.
Effective reading and note taking.ppt21/Jan/2018 09:47 AM.
Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning.pptx21/Jan/2018 09:47 AM.
Ideal Lecture Lecturing Plan.pptx21/Jan/2018 09:47 AM.
Ideal Lecture Time Management.pptx21/Jan/2018 09:47 AM.
Ideal Lecture.ppt21/Jan/2018 09:47 AM.
LO and KPI.pptx21/Jan/2018 09:47 AM.
Occupational Safety and Health.docx21/Jan/2018 09:47 AM.
Quality Assurance in Higher Education.pptx21/Jan/2018 09:47 AM.
Student Centered Learning.ppt21/Jan/2018 09:47 AM.
Student Feedback Form English.docx21/Jan/2018 09:47 AM.

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