Kwestan Rafat Muhammad


College of Health Sciences

Department of Clinical Biochemistry

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  • Welcome to my acadimic profile:

    My name is Kwestan Rafat Muhammad, I am a lecturer at Clinical Biochemistry Department, College of Health Sciences, Hawler Medical university. I am Biochemist and teaching Clinical Biochemistry. 

  • My background is in Biochemistry and Chemistry. I am particularly interested in boold study and Nutrition and innovation

  • The relationship between gout and uric acid 


  • Influence of non-alcoholic malt beverages on urinary excretions of calcium and

    uric acid. (Published)

    Evaluation of the antioxidant activity of Betula pendula leaves extract and its

    effects on model foods. (Published)

    Measuring Flouride in Human Saliva and Water.(Accepted)

  • Degree:

    2003-2007 BSc degree, Chemistry department, College of Science, Salahaddin University-erbil, Erbil, Iraq.
    2010- 2012
    Research Master(ResM) degree in Biochemistry, Plymouth University, Plymouth, UK

  • CPD member 

    Deputy head of exam committee

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