Hamdia Mirkhan Ahmed

Assistant Professor

College of Nursing

Department of Midwifery

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  • Hamdia M Ahmed has BSc in Nursing from Azad-Islamic University/Arak Branch - Iran in 1996. She got MSc and PhD degree in Maternity Nursing from Hawler Medical University. She is head of Midwifery Department in Colleg of Nursing/HMU and Directior of The Center for Research and Education in Women's Health (CREWH)/HMU. She has more than 25 published research on nursing, midwifery and women's health. She was one of the founder of establishing College of Nursing in Erbil (2001),Kurdistan Scientic Nurses Association (2003), Midwifery Department (2012), Nursing and Midwifery Development Organization (2010) and CREWH (2016). Hamdia actively participated in many developing program, projects and job description related to nursing and midwifery profession at level of Ministry of Health/KRG. She interested to improving women's health in Kurdistan. 

  • Hamdia has interest to couduct research in nursing, midwifery, women's health and health system arena. 

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  • 1.      Supervision of Postgraduate Students

    Name of student



    Thesis title


    Lana Hemad

    Maternity nursing


    Nurse/midwives practice regarding care during labor and delivery

    2012 - 2013

    Nazira Salam

    Maternity nursing




    Self-Care Practices among Pregnant Women with Gestational Diabetic in Erbil City


    Soad Abdollah

    Maternity Nursing


    Effect of change position and back massage on pain perception during labor in Maternity Teaching Hospital


    Roshna Gazi Abdulwahid

    Maternity Nursing


    Anemia among pregnant women in PHCCs/Erbil City: Prevalence, severity and associated risk factors


    Sahar Esmail Abdollah

    Maternity Nursing


    Maternal and neonatal outcomes of pregnancy among adolescents in Erbil City


    Safia Sabry Piro

    Maternity Nursing


    The Effectiveness of Antenatal Nursing Intervention on Initiation and Continuity of Breastfeeding among a Group of Women

    2016 until now


    • Job Satisfaction of Baccalaureate Nurses

    H Ahmed, B Najib

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    • Effect of implementing nursing process on women's health after cesarean section in Maternity teaching Hospital/Erbil city

    HM Ahmed, BM Najib

    Proceedings of the World Medical Conference, 2010, 15-17

    • Association between severity of anemia and maternal factors during pregnancy in Maternity Teaching Hospital/Erbil City

    WHA Hamdia M Ahmed, Awaz Aziz Saeed

    Kufa Journal for Nursing Sciences; 2011,  5 (2)

    • Screening for postpartum depression by using Kurdish version of Edinburg Postnatal Depression Scale

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    Archives of gynecology and obstetrics; 2012, 285 (5), 1249-1255

    • Mother's satisfaction regarding nursing care during labor, delivery and postpartum in Maternity Teaching Hospital in Erbil city

    HM Ahmed, MY Yasin

    Zanco Journal of Medical Science, 2012

    • Nutrition and spatial characteristics of among women living in Kurdistan, Iraq

    L Pawloski, K Curtin, A Hamdia, R Taban

    The FASEB Journal, 2012, 26 (1)

    • Challenging in conflict data collection: Assessing the spatial characteristics of nutritional status in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq


    Global Studies Review; 2012, 8 (2)

    • Prevalence of urinary incontinence and probable risk factors in a sample of Kurdish women

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    • Spatial characteristics of BMI among women in Kurdistan, Iraq

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    • Midwives’ Clinical Reasons for Performing Episiotomies in the Kurdistan Region: Are they evidence-based?

    HM Ahmed

    Sultan Qaboos University medical journal; 2014, 14 (3), e369

    • Impact of menstruation on school performance in Sarwaran and Shahid Khajabawa high school in Erbil city

    HM Ahmed, MSS Piro

    Kufa Journal for Nursing Sciences; 2014, 2 (3)

    • Prevalence of abnormal vaginal signs & symptoms among attendees of obstetrics and gynecology department of Shaqlawa Hospital

    VH Hamdia M Ahmed

    Babylon Medical Journal University of Babylon/Iraq, 2014, 11 (1)

    • Post episiotomy care instructions among midwives in Kurdistan region, Iraq

    HM Ahmed

    Zanko Journal of Medical Sciences; 2014, 19 (2)

    • Obstetrical characteristics of women with anal disorders in Pirmam city/Iraq

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    • Episiotomy preventing approaches among midwives in Kurdistan region

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    • Maternal Calcium Status in First Half of Pregnancy and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

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    International journal of women's health and wellness; 2016,  2 (1)

    • Midwives' perspectives regarding episiotomy practice in Kurdistan region/Iraq

    SS Piro, HM Ahmed

    Zanko Journal of Medical Sciences; 2016, 20 (1)

    • Cervical cancer and pap smear screening knowledge and perceptions among women visiting Shahid Doctor Khalid teaching Hospital in Koya City

    K Karwan, HM Ahmed

    Polytechnic Journal; 2016, 6 (1)

    • Knowledge, attitude, and experience of health professionals of female genital mutilation (FGM): A qualitative study in Iraqi Kurdistan Region

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    • Sexual satisfaction in a group of married women in Erbil, Iraq

    Al-Tawil NG, Ahmed HM, Ismail KH

    Journal of Sulaimani Medical College, 2017,  7 (1)

  • - Fundamental of nursing - 1st stage nursing

    - Maternity Nursing - 3rd stage nursing

    - Nursing ethics - 3rd satge nursing

    - Biostatistics - 4rd stage nursing

    - Sociology - 3rd stage nursing

    - Antenatal care - 1st stage midwifery

    - Normal labor - 2nd stage midwfery

    - postpartum care - 3rd stage midwifery

    - Research - 3rd stage midwifery

    - Advanced maternity nursing - MSc students

    - Evidence-based practice - MSc students

    - Nursing trends and issues - MSc students

    - Nursing philosophy - PhD students

  • Main member of presentation of seminar " Evaluation and Development of Profession of Nursing in Kurdistan /Iraq" 7-10/8/1999- Directorate of Health- Hawler


    - Presentation a lecture regarding Hypertension for nurses in Rezgary Hospital 10/2/1999


    -Member of committee of establishing of nursing college in Erbil- 30 / 10/2000


    - Trainer of " Fundamental Nursing Skills" for nurses in Rezgary Hospital-23-25/10/2000


    - Data collector for Researches program of Kurdistan /Iraq – 2000 Statistics Directorate


    - Data collector in "Field survey for detection of mortality among mothers and the under five years children". 2000 for Statistics Directorate


    -Trainer of Nursing Practice Skill – WHO-2001-Rezgary hospital


    - Facilitator in Workshop on 'patient Rights & Dignity for Nurses' –Erbil 3-4/9/2006

    In Raparin Hospital

    - Presentation a seminar with name "Introduction to Nursing Theories" for teachers in nursing college- 12/10/2006

    - Facilitator in Workshop on  " What is the nursing and nursing roles'- 2006-2007 in Erbil Hospitals

    - Member of 1st Barzan Conference – A century pioneering humanity & environment protection in Barzan region/ 14-15 March 2010

    - Co-tutored on the Scottish Neonatal Resuscitation course/ 7th October, 2011/Erbil

    - facilitator in nursing process workshop/college of Nursing/ 17/11/2011-Erbil

    - Coordinator and facilitator of "Introduction to Nursing Leadership and Management"- Erbil- 26-30/8/2012- Best Inn Erbil Hotel

    - Executive Director of "Upgrading and strengthening of PhD program of Nursing and Overview on Qualitative Research and Statistical tests workshop - 18-21/1/2016

    -  Directing visiting group to Tehran and Tarbiat Modares University /Iran-


    - Executive Director of “ Workshop on preparing health system for Entering BSc Midwives” – 13-15/12/2016 – Erbil -




    Participation in Workshops/Meetings/Seminars


    -          Job Descriptions for Nurses/midwives - 24-25/7/2000- Ministry of Health

    -                      Ministry of health & Social Affairs First Conference- 11-13/11/2000-Hawler

    -          Meeting on job description for nursing staff – 6/ 2/ 2001- WHO- Ministry of Health

    -          Member of college committee 5/2/2002-2004 – Nursing college

    -          Health system Reform Conference 26-28/4/2005- Ministry of Health

    -                      Workshop on writing proposal- ICSP- 25-26/6/2005 -Hawler

    -          Professional Development workshop 30/9 - 1/10/2006 at HMU

    -          Patient Safety Solutions workshop – 12/10/2008/ - Turkey

    -          The World Diabetes Symposium- 14/11/2008- Erbil – Kurdistan

    -          Workshop on patient safety/hospital acquired infection October/8/2009

    -          Symposium on Maternal and child health in Kurdistan-Iraq/ Millennium development goals 4&5- 12 November, 2009/Erbil-Kurdistan 

    -          3rd pre-exam course for part 1&2 MRCOG examinations /Erbil/Chwarchra Hotel/27-28 February/2010

    -          Consultative Meeting On UNFPA-Iraq Country Programme of Cooperation/23/5/2010- Erbil – Mamosta Saad Hall

    -          Regional symposium for development health policy in Kurdistan region/Erbil/Chwarchra Hotel/24/6/2010

    -          Opening health promotion organization in Kurdistan/ 6/11/2010/ Hawler/ Chwar Chra Hotel.

    -          Consulative Meeting on UNFPA –Iraq Action Plan 2011-2014- on 19/2/2011/ IT Center/ Erbil City

    -          Improving people's quality of life globally seminar /10/3/2011-Shiraton Hotel

    -          Workshop on Developing Student centered learning/ 27th -30th March & Sept 20th – 22th 2011/by University of Glasgow/ Erbil

    -          Workshop on Reviewing and Updating National Strategy for Nursing and Midwifery in Iraq/25th – 27th Sept. 2011/Erbil/Iraq/Rotana Hotel

    -          Neonatal Resuscitation Training/Erbil, 5th October, 2011/University of Dundee in collaboration with the Hawler Medical University & The Scottish Multi professional Maternity Development Program

    -          Developing student centered learning/27-30/3/2011 and 20-22/9/2011-  Hawler Medical University with University of Glsgow- Erbil/Kurdistan

    -          Workshop on BSc micro-curriculum of maternal-newborn health -6/3/2012- Sulmaniye

    -          Workshop on Action research- 31/1/2012- by University of Brighton UK/ Erbil/ Kurdistan

    -          Seminar on Bloom's Taxonomy of learning domains- 8/12/2011- Collge of Nursing- Erbil

    -          Seminar on postpartum hemorrhage and emergency obstetric care- 2/1/2012- College of Nursing / Erbil

    -          Seminar on Critical thinking – 12/10/2011- College of Nursing / Erbil

    -          Seminar on principles and Application of modern hospital administration – 27/10/2011-  College of Nursing / Erbil

    -          Seminar on the principle of nutritional education- 2/11/2011- College of Nursing / Erbil

    -          Seminar on Portfolio- 2/11/2011- College of Nursing / Erbil

    -          Workshops on developing midwifery profession in Iraq (UNFPA & Ministry of Health) 6-8/6/2011 and 19-21/1/2011 and 22-24/4/2012- Erbil

    -          Consultative workshop for development of national health policy- Sulemaniyah, Iraq- 28th-30th August 2013

    -          Capacity building workshop on implementation research/health policy and systems research- by AUB- Erbil- 12-13/4/2015

    -          Global Nursing Policy Leadership Institute 2017- residential workshop –

    9-15/9/2017 , Geneva, Swiss

    -          Patient Safety Workshop – 24/11/2017 – 9 -12 am- Erbil- divan hotel

    -          Critical Appraisal of Medical Articles Workshop – 24/11/2017- 2-4 pm – Erbil divan hotel

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